The Bi Line: Lawyers and Love Interests from @kleffnotes

In the past few weeks Krista and I have been watching a lot of shows and movies that have included lawyers, primarily District Attorneys and prosecutors. During this binge one of the shows we wound up watching was a two season show with a total of 20 episodes called For the People. This was my favorite of the shows we chose to watch and it surprised me in season one with a character being presented as queer.

For those who are unfamiliar with For the People, the series focuses on federal prosecutors and federal defense attorneys in the Southern District of New York. This is known as the mother court and for those who have been watching Hamilton is the court where Aaron Burr and Alexander Hamilton practiced. The show is split between the two offices that are involved in cases in the court with the prosecutors presented as very put together and corporate seeming and the defense attorneys shown in smaller offices with a more casual environment. During our watch, Krista had already seen the series, we discussed favorite characters and we both agreed that prosecutor Kate Littlejohn was the best.

Kate is a very organized and practical person. She has color coded post-its, different highlighters for different things, and she uses elaborate Lego projects to relax. The level of organization and focus on her job very much reminded me of my wife, which is part of what made her my favorite character. Kate is initially shown having possible feelings for another prosecutor, Leonard Knox, but her feelings are not initially reciprocated. When this relationship didn’t kick-off the way I expected I was surprised when Kate was paired up with an ATF agent for a case and the two seemed to be flirting. This flirting then evolved into something more and Kate began a relationship with this agent who happens to be a woman. When the relationship is in full swing Kate even arrives just on time for work instead of early, which shocks her co-workers. The casual presentation of her interest in a woman is not discussed and she is not asked to come out or shown coming out.

I will say that I read Kate as bisexual, solely because she does still have some feelings for Leonard even after she starts this new relationship. She never labels it though and sadly in season two her romance is just sort of gone. I like to think she is still dating the ATF agent, but we never see her again, and the show was cancelled so there was no chance for the relationship to reappear later on. Of the other shows we watched there were no other queer lawyers sadly, though I am sure arguments could be made that some of them were queer and we just didn’t get to see it on screen. If you’ve never seen For the People and like law shows it is one that I really enjoyed. You can find it on Amazon Prime, but you do have to purchase it even with a Prime account.

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