86’d Series Highlight from @kleffnotes

86’d is a new Brooklyn-based comedy series that released this week. Alexandra Spieth, from [Blank] My Life, has crafted a new mini-series that blurs the lines between morality and what can benefit you personally. The six episode series has been released in full as of March 15th on BRIC TV and is a delightful watch.

Spieth stars as Monica, who has recently inherited her family’s restaurant. As she begins coming to terms with the fact that Downstream is failing under her control she has to think of something in order to save the restaurant. With the help of her employees she works to stage a hold up to try and raise money, but no matter how well planned they thought they were things get out of hand. Through drunken nights and moments of delirium, the story of 86’s explores community and what you will do to try and save something that means so much to you personally.

The story that you follow in 86’d is both hilarious and full of heart. When the appearance of a famous politician and his wife suddenly throw everything that was planned out the window the friends must rely on each other. The love they have for each other and the humor that threads through the story is handled so adeptly and makes for a great watch. 86’d isn’t a long miniseries and is super bingeable. If you are look for a quick watch full of levity you should check out 86’d on BRIC TV today.

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