LARPs Feature from @kleffnotes

LARPs is a Canadian series that I remember absolutely adoring when it re-released on Geek and Sundry ages ago. After watching The Guild this seemed like a perfect story to watch. While I have never LARPed myself I have always been impressed by people who commit to live action role playing. The costume work and the character development has always been something that intrigued me and LARPs presented a story I remember being fully hooked by.

This proudly Canadian production has released two seasons so far with a third season in the works. With the release on Prime and a new partnership with The Fantasy Network the Montreal based Beanduck Productions is now focusing on showcasing the third season they are working on. Since it appeared in 2014 the series has grown and while the story does include roleplaying the focus is on the friends who are part of the campaign and their real lives and relationships. With roleplaying becoming more mainstream and the partnership with The Fantasy Network, a fan-supported channel for fantasy television and films, they have worked to expand their audience even further.

The new season will continue the story, but in a new way. The imaging is sleek and futuristic with the in-gam LARP becoming a bit different. They hope to continue growing their audience and have a crowdfunding campaign planned for early 2021. While the roleplay is a major element of the series, the six friends taking part learn that they can’t keep their real lives separate from their LARP. I will definitely need to re-watch LARPs and now that it is on Prime it will make this process a bit easier. I also really do hope that the series is able to fund the third season because based on the promos alone it looks great. You can find out more about LARPs on their official website and make sure to check it out on Amazon Prime today.

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