Interview with Heidi Lynch and Perrie Voss ( @AvoToastSeries ) from @kleffnotes

In a previous Fangirl Freakouts I chatted all about the trailer for an upcoming comedy webseries that I immediately felt connected to, Avocado Toast. Within the description one of the main characters is coming into her identity as a bisexual woman and I wanted to know so much more about this series. I had the chance to talk with the creators and stars of Avocado Toast, Heidi Lynch and Perrie Voss. Thank you so much to both women for chatting with me about their series and tasty avocado toast orders.

Could you both introduce yourselves to our readers?

Heidi:  Hi! I’m Heidi. I’m a big ol’ bisexual. Two years ago I wasn’t ready to say that, so instead I wrote a show with my best friend about every possible worst case scenario I could possibly experience by saying it. To ruin the show’s thunder: everyone in my life now knows. That feels incredible! But the fears of coming out, especially when bisexual, are important and necessary to explore on screen. Oh yah… my girlfriend is the best, Also…I never wear underwear…like I just don’t…I’m allergic. I am a musician and am creating the musical soundscape for our dream show with all my guts.
Hello! My name is Perrie. I am Dutch-Irish by descent. I am an artist, actor, writer, video editor, and, and, and, and… general creator. I met Heidi and she made my life better. I am a lover of nature, animals, human beings, and their stories. I have created my life around trying to understand them. Truth and humour in my life is a priority, for better or for worse I find the humour wherever I can. I taught my self how to video edit because I love it, but it also means that I can help edit our show. Also… I’m a true ginger. I burn in the shade, and freckle by default. I’m really weird. I also swear like a feckin’ sailor.
How would you describe Avocado Toast?
Avocado Toast is a comedic web series that packs as much heart as it does punch. It explores mental health, sexuality and relationships in a current, hilarious and heart breaking way. Think Fleabag meets Please Like me meets SMILF.

Could you tell me a bit about each of your characters?
ELLE, a writer and wild-child. She has a wry wit, but also has a child-like energy. She can call you out on your shit and give you a hug in the same breath. She is a writer and novelist working to make her dreams into a reality, but in the meantime she is slinging brunch plates to hungry patrons at a local brunch spot. Elle feels like she’s finally turning a corner with the writing of her novel, when her family drops an emotional bomb in her lap. At 30 she thought she was ‘adult’ enough to handle her parent’s divorce but she’s discovering that she’s clearly not. Her current ‘coping’ mechanism for her parents’ recent divorce consists mostly of heading to denial island with Molly and liquid lunches with a salty side of one-night stands.
MOLLY (30) a musician, singer and barista extraordinaire. She’s tough as nails but only to protect a massive heart. Her goofy side is one of her best traits, which she and Elle bring out in each other. Working two jobs, as a barista and musician, she is also caught in her own private world after realizing (contrary to what she believed for the first 28 years of her life) that she is attracted to men and women. She hides her confusion from everyone except Elle. What she isn’t able to tell her family is not only that she is attracted to women, but that she fell in love with a woman for the first time (a beautiful British lass who Elle and Molly refer to as “THE ONE”) and does not know how to process these feelings.
Where did you come up with the idea for the series? And where did the name come
Avocado Toast is inspired by our own true life events. Serendipitously, we met when we were both experiencing some transformative and heart breaking events happening in our lives. Through these transformative life moments, we found that we had each other in spades. We couldn’t grasp how much life was throwing at us at the time, BUT we had each other. We were each other’s sounding boards and support and continuously found so many incredible moments for laughter.
The name: We went through three different versions of the name. We started with “Bi and By:” (a little on the nose), then we moved to “Swing” ( a little ambiguous) and finally we realized we needed a name that encompasses the current social opinion of millennials. We wanted something to symbolize our generation “ not having their shit together”. We never have to explain the name and people laugh and know in some form what we are going for. It sparks interest for sure.

There is currently an Indiegogo campaign for the series, how long will that be open and what perks are still available?
The indiegogo campaign will remain open because we were lucky enough to reach our goal. BUT if you are so inclined we would really appreciate any financial help no matter how small. Everything costs more than you think it will in t.v. and we would love you to be a part of this series.
Are there any plans for how many episodes or how long the series will be?
As of now the series is one season that is seven episodes approx. 8-10 mins long. We are
currently in pre-production for season one but we have hilarious plans for season two and three.
What do you hope viewers will take away from the series?
We hope viewers will see themselves and their stories on screen. We want our audience to know that hard hitting issues in their lives matter to us and to the world. We also want to bring a community of discussion about matters that are not often talked about. We talk about sexuality and mental health, in order to de-stigmatize them but also to have a good laugh about things that can be difficult and isolating. We want to show how important it is to find that friend who laughs with you no matter what life throws at you.
What is your favorite way to enjoy avocado toast?
Perrie: Oh man, I had the best world’s best Avocado Toast ever at a cafe in Vancouver called “Nemisis” it had house made ricotta, herbs, homemade bread and I added a flipping poached egg. Add a little side of sass and glamour and I’m THERE.
Heidi: My favourite Avocado Toast is a team effort made by the sexy morning version of the one and only Faye Marsay ( love of my life) in her pjs, and a groggy faced me. Fresh loaf of sourdough, squash that avo, top with a magically poached to perfection egg by Faye and a healthy squirt of sriracha. YAS QWEEN.

Where can our readers find the most up to date information about Avocado Toast?
Instagram is always off the chain for Avocado Toast but please check out our website and join our discussion forum
Where can our readers find you on social media?
twitter: @AvoToastSeries
Instagram: @avocadotoastseries

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