@ClexaCon Events for Thursday 4/11 from @kleffnotes

Happy ClexaCon everyone!! Today kicks off certain portions of the conventions, though the main convention floor won’t be opening until tomorrow. I wanted to share some of the events you can take part in today as you get ready for the next three days. Continue reading “@ClexaCon Events for Thursday 4/11 from @kleffnotes”

@ClexaCon Podcasts Feature from @kleffnotes

Podcasts have basically taken over the world. Okay, maybe not really, but with so many podcasts in the world I wanted to highlight some of the things you can listen to that are also ClexaCon connected. You can listen to these while you are traveling to the convention or you can start binging now so that you can get caught up and maybe even attend a live taping in Las Vegas. Continue reading “@ClexaCon Podcasts Feature from @kleffnotes”

The Bi Line: What I’m Looking Forward To at @ClexaCon Feature from @kleffnotes

This is my third year going to ClexaCon and the second time that I will be going as press. Last year was the first time my girlfriend, Krista, and I went to ClexaCon together. We met there in 2017, but since we were going as a couple last year we did a lot of intense scheduling and tried to do as much as we could. While some people can survive that I wound up burning myself out trying to do everything I thought I needed to do as press and Krista and I had tried to cram in a lot. This year, while I will still be doing coverage, we’ve decided to tone things down a bit so that we don’t wind up with post con burnout like last year. Continue reading “The Bi Line: What I’m Looking Forward To at @ClexaCon Feature from @kleffnotes”

Savor the Moment @ClexaCon Special Guest Feature Book Review from @kleffnotes

Dana Piccoli is well known throughout the queer women community and is a powerful voice within the movement for better LGBTQ+ representation in the media. She is a talented moderator and is a fixture at ClexaCon, having been a moderator there since the convention’s first year and as well as being the voice of their official podcast, UnCONventional.  While not ClexaConning, she is the Managing Editor of Bella Media Channel, but that’s not all. She is now part of the Bella Books author community with her debut book, Savor the Moment. With ClexaCon just next week I sat down and binge read, yes that is totally a thing, so that I could share my thoughts on this sweet and sexy lesbian romance. Continue reading “Savor the Moment @ClexaCon Special Guest Feature Book Review from @kleffnotes”

Fangirl Freakouts: Queering ( @QueeringWeb ) @ClexaCon Feature from @kleffnotes

Harper is moving on after a toxic nine year relationship, but is shocked when her mom reveals she has come out publicly as bisexual. Queering is an emotional work that examines biphobia as well as the struggles of coming out. This series spoke to me in such a powerful way and I am excited to know it is part of the ClexaCon film festival this year. Continue reading “Fangirl Freakouts: Queering ( @QueeringWeb ) @ClexaCon Feature from @kleffnotes”

@ClexaCon Ylva Publishing and Sapphire Books Highlight from @kleffnotes

I have mentioned both Ylva Publishing and Sapphire Books on The Nerdy Girl Express, but as a voracious reader I can’t help myself. I just love talking about books and because both of these noted lesbian book companies are part of ClexaCon again this year I wanted to share some of my favorite reads and other books you can find from them to fit any genre. Continue reading “@ClexaCon Ylva Publishing and Sapphire Books Highlight from @kleffnotes”

The Bi Line: Alice & Iza @ClexaCon Feature from @kleffnotes

For my second Tello Films feature of the month I’ve actually chosen something you’ll be able to see at ClexaCon. As part of the Film Festival they will be screening their short, Alice & Iza. Both leads, much like with Nikki & Nora, have been announced as featured guests for ClexaCon 2019. Mandahla Rose plays Iza and is a returning ClexaCon guest and Guinevere Turner will be there for her first year and plays Alice. This short includes a number of other faces you might recognize including Bridget MacManus, Karmen Kregloe, and so many more. Continue reading “The Bi Line: Alice & Iza @ClexaCon Feature from @kleffnotes”