The Bi Line: What I’m Looking Forward To at @ClexaCon Feature from @kleffnotes

This is my third year going to ClexaCon and the second time that I will be going as press. Last year was the first time my girlfriend, Krista, and I went to ClexaCon together. We met there in 2017, but since we were going as a couple last year we did a lot of intense scheduling and tried to do as much as we could. While some people can survive that I wound up burning myself out trying to do everything I thought I needed to do as press and Krista and I had tried to cram in a lot. This year, while I will still be doing coverage, we’ve decided to tone things down a bit so that we don’t wind up with post con burnout like last year.

I haven’t spent a lot of time discussing featured panels and guests this year and while I am actually planning on attending fewer featured panels there are some I are really hoping to check out. The reason I went to ClexaCon the first time was because Natasha Negovanlis and Elise Bauman were announced as featured guests. That first year I was able to go to the Hollstein panel, but last year it conflicted with a panel I was actually part of. I really want to go to this panel this year, especially since Dana Piccoli is always such a great moderator. Krista and I both want to try and go to the Marvel Runaways panel since we watched the second season together this year over the holidays. We also might try and get to the Tara themed panel with Amber Benson and Dana Piccoli. I am also excited that Black Lightning, One Day at a Time, and Vida guests will be in attendance, but as the featured panels have always been recorded and uploaded to the ClexaCon YouTube channel I am really focusing on making sure I get to the Hollstein panel.


I’ve mentioned some of the smaller panels that I would like to go to already on the site, but if you haven’t checked out my Panels highlight feature I thought I’d give the top three. Butch Representation: Invisible Women in Media caught my eye and as I’ve started embracing more masculine ways of presenting myself I am curious to see what is covered in the discussion. I’m also hoping to check out Living at the crossroads: Intersectionality in Queer Media. I am trying to grow my knowledge of the LGBTQ+ community and do my best to share stories outside of the white, cis default that often appears. One panel I previously hadn’t discussed is The Power of Joy in Queer Media which just strikes me as an interesting panel.

There are two very big things that I am psyched for that I’m really hoping to make time for are the live recordings of Lez Hang Out and Coming Out with Lauren and Nicole. I love both of these podcasts and when they announced they would be recording I immediately told Krista they had to go on the list. I am also planning to make time to attend portions of the Film Festival this year. Sadly I was unable to attend the festival at all last year and I plan to check out at least some of the web series this time. This year the plan is to give ourselves time to breathe and, while still maintaining solid press coverage, not overbooking ourselves.

Find out more about ClexaCon 2019 and everything you can check out there on their official website.

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