Savor the Moment @ClexaCon Special Guest Feature Book Review from @kleffnotes

Dana Piccoli is well known throughout the queer women community and is a powerful voice within the movement for better LGBTQ+ representation in the media. She is a talented moderator and is a fixture at ClexaCon, having been a moderator there since the convention’s first year and as well as being the voice of their official podcast, UnCONventional.  While not ClexaConning, she is the Managing Editor of Bella Media Channel, but that’s not all. She is now part of the Bella Books author community with her debut book, Savor the Moment. With ClexaCon just next week I sat down and binge read, yes that is totally a thing, so that I could share my thoughts on this sweet and sexy lesbian romance.

Savor the Moment introduces readers to singer/songwriter Natalia Chambers, who after a terrible break-up while on tour, finds herself in a writing rut. As she struggles to find lyrics for a new songs during a break from touring she and her bandmates decide to focus on some positive self care. During a chance encounter at a yoga studio Natalia finds herself completely captivated by a gorgeous redhead, Maddy LaDuke. Not only is their encounter possibly one of the sweetest meet cutes I have ever experienced, but Maddy’s personality and exceptional baking skills make these two women a pairing that you want to root for. Piccoli weaves a romantic tale that is full of perfect moments that will have you so enraptured that you won’t want to put this book down.

I have admitted this before, but I actually don’t typically read a lot of romance novels. Over the past couple of years I have slowly been integrating more of them into my reading list, I’m a pretty voracious reader so a lot of books wind up on that list, and I think my reticence to read them previously has led me to be a bit more critical of them as a genre. That being said I absolutely adored Savor the Moment. Piccoli is a talented writer and what she creates within this work are scenes that you can vividly image in your mind. Each character has a distinct tone of voice as well as a strong character. Even minor characters feel strongly integrated into the lives of Maddy and Natalia.

I loved the familial dynamic that Nat had with her bandmates, Paul and Jackie, and the exploration of chosen families blending with birth families that arises later in the book was well done. I also appreciated Piccoli’s willingness to include more emotional elements, that while not happy, many people within the LGBTQ+ community experience. Maddy’s coming out and everything she experienced is heartbreaking, but handled with such care that it had me welling up for a variety of reasons. She also takes the time to have a diverse character base, which is something that is often lacking in all forms of media. Whether you are a romance reader or not, I highly recommend Savor the Moment. It would definitely make for the perfect travel book on your way to ClexaCon.

Make sure to get your copy of Savor the Moment today!

You can find out more about ClexaCon and everything Dana Piccoli will be doing in connection to the convention on their official website.

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