QueerX Day Two Feature ( @REVRYTV )from @kleffnotes


Day Two of QueerX is just as packed full of great experiences as the first day. During the Revry Summer Preview guests can experience the World Premiere of Laura Linney’s Sink Sank Sunk. This documentary style series that focuses on a young gay recluse who decides to complete his mother’s passion project, a documentary about her multi-generational synchronized swimming team. GLAAD Rising Star Grant recipient River Gallo will also be screening his feature PonyBoi, which was created and stars the first out intersex person in the history of cinema.

Screenings of the day start off with a second round of drama features, this time focusing on shorts. These include Push Pink, where a trans person’s conflict over using a public restroom leads him to go on a journey to answer some unresolved questions. While a drama this short also includes some really funny moments that work to grow the story. A majority of the other shorts being shown on Sunday are foreign language focuses pieces including Somnia, Tomorrow Island, and Clac! The next block of the day is solely music videos which include a number of diverse songs and artists including KINGQUEEN, Chris Jacobx, Anna Tivel, Little Big, and Madison Rose.

I’ve already mentioned some of the projects being shown during the Revry Summer Preview, which is the third block of screenings for the day. My top recommendation is Barbelle, which is a series I absolutely love. Focused on Alice and Veronica, the two members of the band Barbelle, this comedy includes a number of queer characters and over the course of two season has been not only hilarious, but also has taken the time to examine serious topics such as alcoholism and more recently the MeToo movement. Other previews include To Be Me, a drama series focused on a Midwestern African American who is struggling with their gender identity. The lead character is portrayed by non-binary trans female performer Kate Rose Wilburn and highlights the underrepresented topic of gender identity. You can also check out Putting On, the documentary style series that follows On Mekahel as he tries to launch his underwear brand.

Sunday concludes with the Revry Visibility Awards and a closing night party which is hosted by the Tourist Office of Spain. This year they are honoring Nikita Dragun, who launched her company Dragun Beauty this year. They are also honoring Raymond Braun, from State of Pride, and Ryan O’Connell, from Netflix’s Special. There will also be two International Award prizes given out this year.

You can find out more about QueerX on the official event website.

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