The Bi Line: Flame Con 2019 Recap from @kleffnotes

This was only my second year at Flame Con, but just like last year my weekend visiting the convention was a bit of a whirlwind. For the first time I was actually able to travel with Krista, she also covered Flame Con for The Nerdy Girl Express this year, and we left ridiculously early on Saturday the 17th and we left very early on Sunday the 18th. While she and I both live in New York state now, we had very specific trains to catch in order to get back to where we live, which is practically in Canada. Let’s delve into the less than 24 hour trip into New York City.

While this is technically a recap of Flame Con I will be discussing the entire New York City trip. I will also be sharing a number of reviews in the next few months of comics and books that I picked up on the vendor floor of Flame Con so please make sure to keep an eye out for more coverage after this article. To set the scene for Saturday morning, Krista and I both had to leave our small town to get to Albany to catch our train by 12:45 am at the latest. We both barely slept, which greatly offended our eldest rottweiler Lilly, and then headed out on a roughly 4 hour drive to the train station. We had expected to go through security, but it turns out train stations don’t really care who you are or where you are going. We got on the train, I watched Practical Magic(Krista made it through about 75% of the movie and then napped for a bit), and then once we got to the city we had almost two hours before we could get into Flame Con We walked into the area and found our way to the Sheraton and also did a little wandering in the area. This did lead to some impulse buying at the Disney store and we then grabbed a very tasty brunch in a nearby restaurant.

When we got to Flame Con we chatted with the ever lovely Michelle, who press folks will definitely recognize by first name. We had missed her last year and were able to do some catching up and get some coverage suggestions, which led to two things that will be reviewed going forward, but no spoilers folks. When the floor opened Krista and I headed out and we spent roughly 3 hours wandering the floor and chatting with people. Krista covered our Twitter account, she took some great pics and shared some of the booths we stopped at, and she also helped me hand out business cards to vendors while we chatted. I wound up with way more books and comics than I initially expected to leave with and I promise that reviews will be coming. If I got something from your booth and gave you my card it is definitely going to be on the site before too long. I met some great people and learned a lot about upcoming projects, new projects, and also about publishers and online comics. There were also some great cosplays and while we didn’t make it to any of the panels I did hear some great things. While we weren’t there for an exceptionally long amount of time, Flame Con does definitely pack a punch. The vendor floor is huge and even just focusing on that takes a while, especially with all of the talented creators there.

After our time on the floor, Krista and I headed to our hotel room so that we could get changed because we had a show to get to. We had initially hoped to catch The Prom, but it closed before that weekend, and we were able to go see Beetlejuice instead. We both changed into themed outfits, yes we had outfits that were tied to Beetlejuice for the night. After a quick change and a brief rest, super brief because we really didn’t have a lot of time, we headed out to get food. We had initially planned to eat at a Tim Burton themed place called The Beetle House, but we wound up just grabbing a drink there and then eating at a delicious seafood restaurant a little ways down the road. The Beetle House was very cool, but also very small and a booking issue had led to them being super overbooked. We had to pay cash for our drink and since we were only at the bar we couldn’t order any food. Our meal at The Mermaid Inn though was very tasty. We then took a car back to the hotel quickly and then headed to Beetlejuice. The musical is definitely very mature, but holy sand worms if you haven’t seen it you totally need to go. Adam and Beetlejuice have a plot that is totally not in the movie and it is great! When we got done we grabbed a very late dinner at the Olive Garden and took a short nap before hopping on our train back to Albany.

Going to Flame Con might be a bit of an intense trip, but it is worth it and Krista and I always have fun. If I spoke with you and picked something up at your booth I promise I will have coverage for you within the coming months. Also feel free to reach out if you saw either of us at Flame Con and want to say hi or follow-up about coverage.

Share your thoughts with us in the comments or on Twitter, @thenerdygirlexp. You can find me on Twitter, @kleffnotes, on my blog,, and on my kleffnotes YouTube channel.

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