I ain’t afraid of no new @Ghostbusters movie via @quietlikeastorm

We here at the Nerdy Girl Express try to bring you the best and most information that we can. So I have brought not one, but two preview trailers for the new Ghostbusters movie. Yes you read that correctly. Not only do we have the US trailer, but we also have the international one that shows you more of what’s to come for this amazing upcoming movie. Continue reading “I ain’t afraid of no new @Ghostbusters movie via @quietlikeastorm”

The Martian Review: Since it Won Best Comedy

Okay, so I would have written this review even if The Martian hadn’t won anything at the Golden Globes, but it made for a more interesting title. I wasn’t able to watch The Martian in theaters. I don’t even remember a theater near me getting it, but maybe I just missed it. I had a friend who loved the book, he’s a biologist and while not a botanist, he was super excited by the whole farming on Mars aspect, but he had told me the main character was pretty funny so he hoped the movie would be funny. Now that being said the movie does have funny moments, Matt Damon as Mark is pretty good at bringing the humor, but I honestly don’t think this is a comedy. Sci-fi drama, sure, but a straight up comedy, I don’t think so. Continue reading “The Martian Review: Since it Won Best Comedy”

Are You Going to #WishCon?

Here at the Nerdy Girl Express we bring you a daily dose of nerdy info about all our favorite shows, movies, books, comics and more. We are pleased to be able to now tell you about an amazing new convention that is happening that you can be a part of right now from the ground up. This is for fans, vendors, press, volunteers and everyone else interested. It’s called the Women In Sci-Fi and Horror Convention or WishCon for short. Its main objective is to celebrate and showcase the women in front of and behind your favorite sci-fi, fantasy and horror television genres, but all creations are welcome. This con has a lot going for it even though it is brand new. Let me tell you all about it as there is a ton of ground to cover. Continue reading “Are You Going to #WishCon?”

Victor Frankenstein – A Movie Preview

“It’s alive!” is the most famous line of one of the most famous tales of all time, Frankenstein. The original novel penned by Mary Shelley has been a classic since its 1818 publication. It is one of the first, if not actual first science fiction novels ever written and has inspired the horror genre for centuries. Continue reading “Victor Frankenstein – A Movie Preview”