I ain’t afraid of no new @Ghostbusters movie via @quietlikeastorm

We here at the Nerdy Girl Express try to bring you the best and most information that we can. So I have brought not one, but two preview trailers for the new Ghostbusters movie. Yes you read that correctly. Not only do we have the US trailer, but we also have the international one that shows you more of what’s to come for this amazing upcoming movie.

Now before you watch the trailers (that have been viewed worldwide more than 60 million times!), I want to make it clear that this movie is not a reboot with only women. I repeat, IT IS NOT A REBOOT WITH ONLY WOMEN. You’ll see in both trailers that within the first 30 seconds it tells about the original Ghostbusters so this movie is a continuation of that universe.

Does it star women? Heck yeah it does, and they are talented and hilarious, so why would anyone complain about that? There’s no reason to. So without further ado, check out both trailers!

and here is the international that has more Leslie Jones and Chris Hemsworth in it.

What did you think of the trailers? I thought they were amazing! I laughed and smiled through both of them.

I liked the turnaround of the ghostbusters being all female and their secretary/assistant is a hunky man (Chris Hemsworth). I also like that while it seems the basic story is still in place, that ghosts are suddenly overrunning New York City, it changes several things up.

It looks as if they are creating new gadgets to catch the ghosts, we even see a bear trap one in the previews. What happened to the old ones? Are they too out of date? Did they disappear along with the original ghostbusters (whom I hope we get a bit of an explanation or cameo)? Are the ghosts tougher?

The ghosts are also different looking as well as acting differently. The international preview sets it up that they can now possess people too, and not just in the Zuul-end-of-the-world kind of way.

I liked that all of the women were willing to be funny. Really before the other busters essentially played the straight man to Bill Murray’s wise cracking character. Now they are all going to get the chance to shine.

This movie stars Melissa McCarthy (Bridesmaids), Kristen Wiig (The Martian), Leslie Jones (Top Five) and Kate McKinnon (Sisters). All except McCarthy are also accomplished alumni of the ever popular Saturday Night Live too. Other stars include Chris Hemsworth (Thor) and all of the original cast are in the IMDB cast line up (Bill Murray, Sigourney Weaver, Ernie Hudson, Dan Aykroyd and Annie Potts. The only exclusions being Harold Ramis (deceased) and Rick Moranis (retired). None of the original casts plotlines/cameos have been revealed yet.

The movie was written on Dan Aykroyd’s original screenplay and further written by Katie Dippold and Dan Feig. It is also being directed by Dan Feig and will be released on July 15, 2016.

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