Start to Finish – TWD Midseason Finale Review

This past Sunday was the midseason finale of season six of The Walking Dead. What was resolved? What questions were left unanswered? So many, that’s what. Continue reading “Start to Finish – TWD Midseason Finale Review”

So That’s How You Get Cooties

When you were a kid I’m sure at some point there was a cooties outbreak at your school, but while you probably ran screaming then, you should definitely not avoid the hilarious new zombie comedy, Cooties. Give yourself a quick cooties shot to keep from being infected and find out just what’s so great about this movie coming out on dvd this Tuesday. Continue reading “So That’s How You Get Cooties”

The Glenn Episode – TWD Review and Recap

Yes while the episode is really titled, ‘Heads Up’ (which is pretty accurate considering all the situations going on), everyone will forever remember it as ‘the Glenn episode’ instead. We finally got some of the answers we had impatiently been waiting on this past week and also a good change of pace. Continue reading “The Glenn Episode – TWD Review and Recap”

A Little Something for Your Brains iZombie Fans

We all know of the huge gap in our lives tonight; that iZombie is not showing a new episode due to the holiday break. Other than drink myself into a stupor with some spicy Bloody Mary’s, I thought another way to spend this night was getting to know the origin, cast and crew of iZombie a little better. So as any good nerd would, I did my research and I’m letting you all into it exclusively via The Nerdy Girl Express. Continue reading “A Little Something for Your Brains iZombie Fans”