So That’s How You Get Cooties

When you were a kid I’m sure at some point there was a cooties outbreak at your school, but while you probably ran screaming then, you should definitely not avoid the hilarious new zombie comedy, Cooties. Give yourself a quick cooties shot to keep from being infected and find out just what’s so great about this movie coming out on dvd this Tuesday.

Elijah Wood, best known for the role of Frodo in the Lord of the Rings franchise, and Rainn Wilson, most commonly known from the American version of The Office, star as teachers at an elementary school who find themselves dealing with the most murderous of Mondays in elementary school history. Wood plays Clint, a new substitute teacher at Fort Chicken Elementary School who recently moved back to his home town after trying to make it as a writer in New York City. When he arrives at work he meets the hardcore gym teacher Wade, who happens to be dating Clint’s high school crush. We see the first signs of the zombie outbreak in Clint’s classroom when a girl who looks like she’s coming down with the world’s worst case of chicken pox attacks one of the boys who has been bullying her all day. Patriot, the kid she attacks becomes one of the most involved zombies in the plot.

This one girl winds up infecting the other bully, who then spreads the infection like wild fire throughout the student body during recess. These kids then begin attacking the teachers and it gets pretty intense. Wade puts himself in charge of the surviving teachers, which include a super creepy health teacher who really wants to study this new virus hands on, his girlfriend who Clint has feelings for, a female teacher who thinks men are terrible (she’s played by Nasim Pedrad who was most recently Gigi in Scream Queens), and a slightly effeminate teacher who plays tennis (Jack McBrayer plays him, I recognized him from 30 Rock). The teachers fight their way through the day finding survivors and planning their escape from the infested school.

Cooties reminded me of the movies Shaun of the Dead and Zombieland. It was really funny, though some of the gore got to be a little intense. The grossest part of the movie started before the zombies even appeared. The opening sequence of Cooties shows the creation of chicken nuggets, which happen to be infected with what will eventually be called cooties. I made the mistake of deciding to watch this movie while I ate dinner and the start of the movie did make me a bit queasy. When the girl bites into the nugget I actually felt my stomach lurch. Still kept eating my pizza though, I hadn’t eaten all day I wasn’t going to let a movie stop me. The character Wade reminded me a bit of Ash from The Evil Dead movies and I think if you enjoyed that franchise or Shaun of the Dead and Zombieland you’d really like this movie.

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