When the Signs are There – Go with It

Gaining followers is a great thing. To celebrate having 666 followers today and totally not being creeped out by it; I decided to do an article telling everyone about the new upcoming horror series Damien.

You may remember that name or maybe it only gives you a little chill in your spine. Either way many people now associate that name with the 1976 movie, The Omen. That movie was about a couple who adopt a little boy and he ends up being the antichrist. He wreaks havoc on their lives and anyone else they associate with, most ends up dead. There have been sequels and remakes of the original, some turning out better than others, but I think this new show is the most promising of all as it only takes from the first movie.

Damien was originally slated to be a miniseries on the Lifetime Network and was then changed to a full series on A&E (A good sign to its potential) and is listed as a horror series. So all you fans of scary things will definitely want to be checking this show out.

It stars Bradley James as the title character. The actor was what brought my attention to this series. I became a late fan after watching his work as Arthur Pendragon in the BBC series Merlin and very recently watching his portrayal of Lowell in iZombie, I was really excited to see he had landed a lead role in another series. He makes a person love his character while still being distinctly himself and I can’t wait to see how he can make us love the antichrist of all people. Also James has always played a good guy and Damien has the potential to be a very, very bad man and I want to see how he plays a possible villain for once.


I looked up the show and it also stars Barbara Hershey, an amazing actress who is on Once Upon a Time, the Insidious movies, and many others. Other stars include Omid Abtahi (Argo), Megalyn Echikunwoke (90210, CSI: Miami and The 4400) and David Meunier (Justified). Even Scott Wilson (The Walking Dead) makes it into an episode.

The show has a talented, diverse cast, so how is the writing? One of the main executive producers and creator of the show is Glenn Mazzara (The Walking Dead, The Shield). There is also Mark Kruger (The 4400) and John Ryan (Lonesome Dove, Pillars of the Earth). You know they will be able to bring in the drama and heartbreak to this show.

It is slated to have ten episodes: The Beast Rises, Second Death, The Deliverer, The Number of a Man, Seven Curses, Temptress, Abattoir, Here is Wisdom, The Devil May Know and Ave Satani as listed on IMDB. Note that abattoir means slaughterhouse and Ave Satani was the original theme song to the movie The Omen.

Now that we have the entire package of talent in front of and behind the camera, what is Damien about? It follows from the original film and starts with an adult Damien Thorn. He is a man who doesn’t know about his true self or his past. Thinking he is a regular man that has had a lot of tragedy touch his life, Damian decides to find out his origin and what he learns is shocking. He is the antichrist and he has to decide what to do with that information. Will he turn evil? Try to stay good? Reject it or accept it? What do the people around him think about it? What will they do about it or do to him once they know? Assuming they live very long that is. What will happen to the world now that the antichrist has arrived? Will supernatural forces try to influence him? We won’t know until we watch and I can’t wait to see how James spins this. He is very expressive and I think this struggle between good and evil will be wonderful to watch him play on for many seasons.

The series is set to be released sometime in 2016, no word yet on a more specific date, but we at The Nerdy Girl Express will be watching for it and letting everyone know as soon as we find out. I’m hoping it will debut in the first half of the year since the show has already made an appearance at the last Comic-Con and I don’t think they would do that if the show was to come out after the next one.

Need a little bit more to be hyped about this show?

Here was our first look of it:

And here is the latest one, the official preview from San Diego Comic-Con 2015:

Here is also a link to the entire Comic-Con panel for anyone interested.

Are you excited to see Damien? Know any more information about it? Share it in the comments below or tell us @thenerdygirlexp, where you’ll never miss another article about all things amazing and nerdy. You can also tell me personally @quietlikeastorm. We seriously love hearing from you guys and want to hype this show as much as possible!

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Now if you all will excuse me, this southern woman needs to go profusely apologize to Jesus or somehow my Grandma will know and be disappointed in me and tell me, “That’s just not right,” and she’ll get me to take her to church this Sunday.

I’m joking!


-Erica @quietlikeastorm


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