#Damien Finale ‘Ave Satani’ Proves that @AETV should #RenewDamien via @quietlikeastorm

Throughout all my reviews of the first season of Damien, I have maintained that it is a very smart horror show. It wasn’t about the blood and guts that is so popular in today’s horror and it wasn’t about the jump scares and screaming attractive teenagers of yesteryear either. Damien has been able to not only bring in the best of those elements, but also make something entirely its own. It was hard for many to wrap their heads around it at first. They wanted it spoon fed to them. Why think about an antichrist that has a conscience and may not want to do this or even believe it, when he could be out taking over the world already? Now, now, now. I like that showrunner Glen Mazzara and his writers rejected this and instead brought us the thinker that is Damien.

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Catching Up With The Antichrist from @kleffnotes

Tomorrow night will be the second #DevilsNight over on Twitter with me, @kleffnotes, and Erica, @quietlikeastorm. With the two of us getting devilish on Monday nights, first with Lucifer at 9 pm est on Fox and then Damien on A&E at 10 pm est, I thought that this was the perfect time to watch The Omen. Erica is our resident authority on the Antichrist, and I thought that I should get on her level and actually watch the movie that spawned our new Monday show. Continue reading “Catching Up With The Antichrist from @kleffnotes”

The Beast is Coming! #Damien Premiere Date Announced

We here at the Nerdy Girl Express have long awaited a premiere date for the upcoming series Damien. There have been several small trailers, a comic-con panel and other tidbits here and there, but A&E has been pretty quiet otherwise on their newest show. Finally we have received official word on the show along with not only a premiere date, but also a new full length trailer! Check out the video and more information. Continue reading “The Beast is Coming! #Damien Premiere Date Announced”