Catching Up With The Antichrist from @kleffnotes

Tomorrow night will be the second #DevilsNight over on Twitter with me, @kleffnotes, and Erica, @quietlikeastorm. With the two of us getting devilish on Monday nights, first with Lucifer at 9 pm est on Fox and then Damien on A&E at 10 pm est, I thought that this was the perfect time to watch The Omen. Erica is our resident authority on the Antichrist, and I thought that I should get on her level and actually watch the movie that spawned our new Monday show.

In The Omen the first thing that caught me by surprise was actually how little Damien is actually in the movie. He’s on the cover of the box, on all the dvds, and the new show inspired by it is titled Damien, yet very little Damien. What I started to understand from the movie was that the focus isn’t really on the Antichrist himself, but instead on the people around him. We spend a great deal of time watching people reacting to Damien or trying to figure out who exactly he is. His father, played by Gregory Peck, is shown trying to find out who the child living in his home actually is after a number of deathly events happen.

damien in car

Damien never comes out and states that he’s the son of Satan or connected to the devil, but others believe him to be. With no direct confession or intense show of his powers it is possible that Damien is just a little boy that people think is something more than what he is. Okay, yes the triple six birthmark and the weirdly being okay with his mom falling off of a mini balcony is a bit odd, but he could be normal, maybe. I’m not arguing that Damien isn’t the Antichrist, he does draw people in and seem to have an ability to gain intense loyalty from people and animals without trying hard at all, which is a bit disconcerting, but we don’t have solid proof, just theories from multiple characters.

damien banister

The Omen was shown briefly in flashbacks during the premiere episode of Damien and beyond that there is another interesting connection. The photographer in The Omen is the one who notices that those who die are actually marked for death in the photos he takes. Damien in the new tv show is actually a photographer so I’m wondering if we will see him using his camera skills to try and puzzle out more the strange things that are happening to him personally.

damien smirk

I enjoyed watching The Omen and I think it definitely gave me more insight into the show. You can watch and live tweet Damien with me and Erica during our Monday night #DevilsNight live tweets at 10 pm est on A&E after Lucifer at 9 pm est on Fox. Besides Twitter, you can find me on my blog,, on my kleffnotes YouTube channel, and my recipes are on the iZombie Support Group site. I also run The Nerdy Girl Express Snapchat, thenerdygirlexp.


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