A Little Something for Your Brains iZombie Fans

We all know of the huge gap in our lives tonight; that iZombie is not showing a new episode due to the holiday break. Other than drink myself into a stupor with some spicy Bloody Mary’s, I thought another way to spend this night was getting to know the origin, cast and crew of iZombie a little better. So as any good nerd would, I did my research and I’m letting you all into it exclusively via The Nerdy Girl Express.

iZombie is in its origin, a comic series. It was created by Chris Roberson and Michael Allred and published by DC Comic’s Vertigo line it had a run time of 28 issues. The show is quite a bit different than the comic. The basics are the same as our main girl has been turned into a zombie and has to eat brains to continue on. That is about where the similarities end. Our main girl is not named Liv Moore (yes I still laugh at that pun every time I say her name), but Gwendolyn Dylan. She has her friends Ellie, a ghost, and Scott who is a were-terrier. Yup that’s where that joke of Ravi’s comes from! There is also Gavin, Gwen’s brother and potential lover interest of Scott. Vincent Tan and Ashok Patel who are coworkers of Scotts; and John Amon, the man who turned Gwen into a zombie.

The series is also set in Eugene, Oregon and the comic has been noted to use many real world places within Eugene that fans love to pick out. The biggest difference I saw between the show and comic is that the comic uses under and over soul explanations for its monsters. Over souls have the brains, thoughts, memories and personality of the person. Under souls have the heart, appetite, emotions and fears. Most monsters have one or the other (there are also vampires and other ghosts and paranormal creatures within the comic), but Gwen is a Revenant and so she has both.

It’s very interesting and I highly suggest picking up the series. Where can you get them if the series is already over? Easy, DC still prints it’s volumes of iZombie and you can get the entire series in a four set bunch. Dead to the World has issues #1-#5. uVampire has issues #6-#12. Six Feet Under and Rising has #13-#18 and Repossession has #19-#28. Order them online or go to your local comic store. Even better, on twitter @iZombieObsessed regularly runs contests for people to win volumes of the series. So get on twitter and join in on that!


Now that we know all about the origin of iZombie and of course we know how the TV show differs. This is thanks to Rob Thomas and Diane Ruggiero. Anyone who is a fan of theirs before knows of their great work together on Veronica Mars, but that isn’t the only show these two have under their belts. Diane Ruggiero has been a producer for the television series’, That’s Life, Dirty Sexy Money, Big Shots, The Ex List, Cupid and most recently the smash hit Bates Motel. She also has several writing credits, because this lady can do it all, in most of all those series as well as the Veronica Mars screenplay, Free Agents, Wild Card and The Sound of Slyness. Rob Thomas is also no slouch. Starting in 1996 he has been a writer for Space Ghost Coast to Coast, Dawson’s Creek, Cupid, Fortune Cookie, Drive Me Crazy, The Education of Max Bickford, Good Behavior, Big Shots, Party Down, Little in Common, Play It Again Dick, the Veronica Mars Screenplay and the revamped 90210 series. That’s just his writing credits. I haven’t even got into the larger list where he has been the producer, director or even actor! It really is no wonder that iZombie is so smartly written with these two driving the boat.

Captain Comics: iZombie
They are not the only ones to make this show a success. There is a large thanks that has to go to the diverse cast as well.

Rose McIver is our star as Liv Moore. She is from the magical country of New Zealand where hobbits are actually real. Born October 20, 1988, this 27 year old has an impressive list of film credits to her name already including The Piano, several Hercules movies (the good ones starring Kevin Sorbo back in the day) and had a recurring part in the Hercules series as well as Ilea. She has also been on Xena: Warrior Princess, Maddigan’s Quest, The Lovely Bones, Power Rangers RPM, Super City, Once Upon a Time, Masters of Sex and Play it Again Dick. That isn’t the entirety of her roles, but a selection of some of the best. Rose has started to branch out from only acting with a producer credit for Blood Punch. Our Rose is a talent, that is for sure. She has been very busy in 2015, not only with starring in iZombie, but also in several shorts and films: The Answers, Warning Labels, Mattresside, Coward and Queen of Carthage.

Rahul Kohli plays the adorkable Dr. Ravi Chakrabarti. He is an American girl’s dream with those good looks and British accent. Born on November 13, 1985 he was raised in London, England and started his focus on acting a bit later than most. At seventeen he began his journey and applied for drama school, he was accepted and was in several theatre productions. He has even been on at The National Theatre and worked with prestigious director Howard Davies. He is a relative new comer to television, but still has some acting parts under his belt. He has been in a couple international commercials (for Heineken and Sony) and has done a few short films; The Vacancy, Alone Together and I’ll Be Home Soon. He also has had a couple parts on other television series, EastEnders and Holby City. While still playing Ravi on iZombie, Rahul has also finished up his part of Dev in the new comedy film Krish and Lee.

Robert Buckley, the ‘Major’ eye candy of iZombie, is a known veteran of television. One of the few people who are actually from Los Angeles, California he was born on May 2, 1981. Surprisingly he did not immediately go to Hollywood for a job, but instead got his degree in Economics from the University of California at San Diego and became an economic consultant. He did appear on television once during his college years on the gameshow ‘The Price is Right’ where he infamously made a bid $1 less than one of his opponents and Bob Barker told him, ‘that wasn’t the smartest bid he could have made.’ This story made me laugh so much, I had to include it. After being a consultant for over a year, Robert finally heeded the call of Hollywood and has been on television ever since. He started on Fashion House, American Heiress, Lipstick Jungle, Privileged, One Tree Hill, 666 Park Avenue, Hart of Dixie and Play it Again Dick. He has a few movie credits as well with Capturing Q, When a Killer Calls, Petrified, Archer House, Killer Movie, Flirting with Forty, Z, The Legend of Hells Gate: An American Conspiracy and the One Tree Hill movie.

Next up is Malcolm Goodwin or as we call him on the show, Clive. The veteran of the cast with the most work done, Malcolm seems to be in every movie you watch. His bio was a bit harder to put together, but I pieced together what I could. Malcolm was born in Ontario, Canada on December 22, 1982 but grew up in New York City. He was with the Julia Richman Talent Unlimited Program and that is where he found his love of acting. He soon joined and trained at the SUNY Purchase College Acting Conservatory where he earned his bachelor’s degree in theatre arts and film. He has been active since 1997 when he was in Color of Justice. He has since been in over 40 movies, TV series, shorts and music videos. Some of the highlights are Backseat, Get Rich or Die Tryin’, American Gangster, Leatherheads, Deception, The Lazarus Project, A True Story, Crazy on the Outside and Run All Night. Those are just the movies. Most people remember Malcolm from his role on the hit show Breakout Kings as Shea Daniels, but he has been in many, many popular shows. Which ones? Law & Order, Hack, Law & Order: Criminal Intent, Raising the Bar, Detroit 1-8-7, CSI, Elementary, Blue Bloods, Bones, House of Cards, True Blood and Wayward Pines. He has also just finished a TV movie called The Bellmen where he plays the role of JJ. You may think, wow Malcolm has been in a lot of things, but I haven’t even got into his 12 credits as a producer, 4 as a director, 3 Editor and 1 Writer. Malcolm obviously has huge amounts of talent and I’m happy iZombie was able to snag him as one of their leads.

Aly Michalka born March 25, 1989 plays Peyton on iZombie and is definitely not new to show biz and is crazy talented. She is a bona fide Disney kid where she starred in Phil of the Future. She was also in the Disney movies Now You See It… and Cow Belles. Aly has been in many productions outside of Disney too, including but not limited to Celebrity Moments, Haversham Hall, Super Sweet 16: The Movie, Bandslam, Easy A, Hellcats, Crazy Kind of Love, Grown Ups 2, Two and a Half Men and Anger Management. Many of these also star her sister AJ. The sisters are very close and not only share a love of acting, but are also a pop duo together known as violet78 and they have been on tour, had a platinum selling album and Aly plays the piano, electric and acoustic guitars is an accomplished singer and has songwriting credits to her name. She also has several credits for soundtrack, producer, director, writer, composer, costume designer, production designer and set decorator. Not too bad for a 26 year old, huh?

We will round up our cast with none other than David Anders. He plays the villain Blaine on iZombie, but people know his face from many other things as well. He was born on March 11, 1981 in Grants Pass, Oregon. His actual last name is Holt, but when he became an actor he took his middle name as his last as there was already a David Holt. David was in several theater productions in high school and while he was accepted to college, he decided to go to Los Angeles instead. It was a good decision. He got his big break with the part of Julian Sark on the hit TV show Alias. He dabbled in other television shows during that time, appearing on CSI, Charmed, Deadwood, Grey’s Anatomy and CSI: Miami. He was then in the movies Into the Blue 2: The Reef, The Revenant and the remake of Children of the Corn. Anders hit it big again then getting recurring roles on both 24 as Josef Bazhaev and Heroes as Adam Monroe. Again David then took some parts in other popular television shows: Warehouse 13, Undercovers, House M.D., Criminal Minds, Arrow and Stalker. He hit it big then with recurring roles on Necessary Roughness as Troy Cutler, The Vampire Diaries as John Gilbert and Dr. Whale/Dr. Victor Frankenstein on Once Upon a Time. I think we can say as fact that David Ander knows a good TV show when he see one and is generally starring in it. He’s now our big baddie on iZombie and I couldn’t be happier with that decision. He’s the kind of villain you love to hate, but still kind of love anyways. He has recently been announced to play the part of Obi Scott in The Unknown Son.

This isn’t even getting into all the great recurring and guest roles that iZombie has on it. Some of the most memorable might be Bradley James and Lowell, Leanne Lapp as Gilda, Steven Weber as Vaughn Du Clark and Jessica Harmon as Dale Bozzio.

Now that we know even more about what makes iZombie so great, I want to watch the show even more! Too bad it’s off today, but I can help with that gnawing hunger. Get on Netflix and watch the entire first season. Binging is good for your soul, I promise. You can also watch the first season if you buy the DVD that came out not that long ago. It’s available with about every major retailer and online. Still not enough for you? I don’t blame you, so head on over to the CW or get on their app and watch the newest season 2 episodes right now for free! You can do that here.

Finally I’ll leave you with a more in depth look at next week’s all new iZombie called The Hurt Stalker. Warning Spoilers ahead!

Clive arrives at a crime scene of a dead wedding planner and is shocked to realize that he used to date her. It’s then revealed that the murder victim has been stalking Clive! This makes him the number one suspect in her murder. Liv and Ravi then pose as an engaged couple in order to infiltrate the victim’s wedding planning business to hopefully find answers. Will Liv and Ravi be able to figure out the mystery? Also Major is having a tough time dealing with Liv on stalker brains and as we remember from last episode he wasn’t doing too well on her magician brains either. Is Liv’s zombie ways too much for Major to handle and will he be breaking our fav zombie’s heart? The episode is set to air December 1 at 9pm/est on the CW. Make sure to tell all your family, friends, acquaintances and random people on the street to watch, we need all the viewers we can get to prove to the CW that ordering 6 extra episodes was a great thing and that they should order us a full season next time! See you there fellow Brainies.

As always feel free to comment here or on our twitter @thenerdygirlexp or on my personal account @quietlikeastorm. We seriously love hearing from you guys, so spread the love yeah? Also we are doing a giveaway and there is only a few days left to enter! All you have to do is go to @thenerdygirlexp, give us a follow and RT the pinned giveaway tweet. What will you get if you win? All sorts of cool nerdy merch ranging possibly from Star Wars, The Nightmare Before Christmas, TWD, iZombie and more. So ENTER NOW!

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