Being Thankful for Scream Queens

This week one of the few shows not on hiatus was Scream Queens. The entire episode was set on Thanksgiving and we got to meet some new characters. Get settled in for this week’s food filled recap.

Chanel reveals to Chad that Hester wasn’t pregnant and that she killed her. Gravity I don’t think can go on trial Chanel, you might want to rethink who you tell your theory about who killed Hester to yourself. Also Chad might need to see someone about his necrophilia. Hester, like all the other dead bodies, is missing from the meat locker, though Chad thinks she might just still be alive. Gigi and the Red Devil are spending the holiday together and making hand turkeys, Gigi is the only one really contributing to the conversation. The two of them split a very tiny room service dinner, with a very large electric knife.

Chanel #3 goes to her family Thanksgiving and compares it to a Tindr date. Her mom mentions that her father loves her brother more than her. Her family is having frozen tv dinners because they are the Swenson Frozen Food family. #3 storms out and insists she’s never coming back to any family events ever again and goes back to Kappa house. She finds the Dean making dinner in their kitchen. Apparently she’s cooking up the turkey that she pardoned on the quad the day before.

Wes is cooking up dinner and when he calls Grace she informs him that she and Zayday have decided to stay at Kappa house and she’ll be spending Thanksgiving there. Chad Michael Murray and Alan Thicke are part of the Radwell family as a brother and the father respectively. They go around the room and introduce themselves with some very snooty things they are thankful for. Chanel then informs them that she is part of an American dynasty, though somehow her family was in America for less time than the Radwells. Chad says he’s thankful to the campus murderer for not killing him, I guess that’s nice. His mom Bunny wants him to break up with Chanel and then Hester arrives, totally wasn’t dead. You got one thing right Chad, way to go.

It turns out that being put in the meat locker actually saved Hester and she announces that she’s having Chad’s baby. The Radwells are not pleased and Bunny informs her that she’s definitely not having a baby. The Dean, Wes, Grace, Chanel #3, and Zayday are all sitting around and waiting for the food to be ready. To make the time pass the Dean suggests that they all say who they think the last Red Devil is. She thinks it’s Chanel #3.

Chanel at the Radwells is trying to vent to her mother, but her mother is drunk on wine. Daddy Radwell offers to give her $50,000 if she goes away. Dessert at the Radwells is a disgusting Thanksgiving leftovers aspic. It’s like jello made out of all the leftover food, so gross! Chanel #5 arrives at Kappa house with some sort of crazy animal zoo stuffing and she only came back because her family apparently left the US for Thanksgiving and didn’t tell her. She’s totally okay with it. Chanel #3 insists that the Dean is the killer and Grace and Zayday jump in on her accusation. #5 also takes part in the accusation game by insisting that the Dean obviously isn’t allergic to bologna, which was the only reason she didn’t get tried for her ex-husband’s murder. Wes ends the game by accusing his own daughter of being the murderer.

Wes and Grace try to talk out why he thinks she’s the killer, but Chanel #5 and #3 wind up agreeing with him. Pete arrives with more information and it turns out that Zayday has been live tweeting this entire Thanksgiving. Wes goes through all the reasons he thinks Grace is responsible. She was apparently at Kappa house the day the previous president was killed by acid in her spray tan and she can be connected to all of the other murders. We got to see Chanel #3 without earmuffs! The Dean even agrees with them. Wes now says that he doesn’t think she could be the murderer, but Pete says that he thinks it’s Wes now.

We jump back to the Radwell Thanksgiving and it turns out that all the Radwells are on a team against Hester and Chanel for Pictionary. The Radwells are totally cheating and being super mean. They are terrible people. Chanel apologizes to Hester for trying to kill her and for having to sit through such a terrible game of Pictionary against such horrible people. She then throws shade on all the Radwells and breaks up with Chad forever. Hester and Chanel then storm out of the house together.

We are then back with Pete who is presenting all of the reasons he thinks Wes is the killer. He believes that it was to keep Grace from becoming a Kappa. It turns out Wes knew about the secret tunnel under the house and that he can be seen on the footage sneaking into the Kappas’ meat locker. He insists that he was stealing meat because he’s currently on the paleo diet. Pete though says he bribed the county coroner with a bag of weed so that he could compare Boone’s hair to Wes’ and apparently he is the father. It turns out he’s the father of Grace and the bathtub babies.

Wes insists he didn’t know about being the father of the babies and Grace tells him that she believes him and that Pete won’t call the police. She insists that this means that the two of them need to amp up their efforts to stop the Red Devils, they don’t know that Boone is dead yet. The police aren’t being called, even though the killer could be anyone. Chanel and Hester show up at the house and everyone sits down to dinner. Chad arrives out of nowhere and apparently he and Chanel are getting back together. They reveal the turkey and it’s totally not a turkey, turns out the Red Devil decided to carve up Gigi. I knew she shouldn’t have given the carving knife up.

Next week’s episodes is all about shopping and Black Friday which should be fun. If you have any ideas or thoughts about Scream Queens you can comment below or tweet at us, @thenerdygirlexp. You can also tweet at me, @kleffnotes, or find me on my YouTube channel or on my blog,

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