The Glenn Episode – TWD Review and Recap

Yes while the episode is really titled, ‘Heads Up’ (which is pretty accurate considering all the situations going on), everyone will forever remember it as ‘the Glenn episode’ instead. We finally got some of the answers we had impatiently been waiting on this past week and also a good change of pace.

The biggest news, and I’m sure not even a spoiler anymore as I’ve seen nothing but people shouting it all over – Glenn is alive! We found out first thing during this episode where it showed that Nicholas in fact had been on top of Glenn and he had been able to scoot under the dumpster to relative safety. Some of the walkers did notice him, but were not able to bite him and he shot the ones that noticed him under the dumpster. How a bunch of them didn’t react to the shots is definitely TV magic, but I’ll let it slide because it’s Glenn.

Steven Yeun as Glenn Rhee – The Walking Dead _ Season 6, Episode 7 – Photo Credit: Gene Page/AMC

I also feel a bit of a conundrum as while I am super happy that Glenn is alive, I also feel a bit cheated. One of the best premises about TWD is that no one is safe and now we’re seeing that maybe the writers aren’t quite ready to let go of some of its known favorite characters. It makes the life and death situations feel a little less real to me now, and it kind of bums me out honestly. There is also the fact I didn’t like how long it took for us to find out about Glenn. A week or two was good. We were all still in a tizzy and wound up over what had happened. Except then we get on top of those two weeks, two much slower paced episodes and we all ended up taking sides on whether he was alive or not and stopped talking about it except to ask, ‘Glenn? No, whatever.’ I wish they had condensed the last two episodes down into one and I felt it would have fixed the pacing and hurried up the Glenn issue.

Still, Glenn is alive! So we have to move on with him and we find that he waited out that walker herd until they had all wandered off (a little more TV magic, but alright I guess) and he is immediately thrown a bottle of water from Enid. She is up on a roof and runs off as soon as Glenn looks at her. He follows after her and they play cat and mouse for a bit until Glenn finally catches her. Enid doesn’t want to talk about Alexandria and if everyone is alright after the horn blowing and the wolves attack. I have a feeling she doesn’t want to say anything because she got out of there pretty fast, she probably has no idea who is hurt or dead other than a very select group of people she saw. This isn’t even getting into the fact that kid probably has PTSD and that attack set her off.

Glenn decides he has to bring Enid back to Alexandria even though she clearly does not want to go. She even tries pulling a gun out on Glenn, but he knows she was just bluffing. We get a flimsy excuse of Glenn insisting on bringing her back because it’s what Maggie would have wanted, but if the girl doesn’t want to go back why force her? She old enough and smart enough to get out on her own, they’ve shown that several times already. Enid will just run away again, but Glenn still insists. She finally agrees and they set off. They have a bit of a heart to heart and Glenn shows again why I love his character. Enid tells him that they are supposed to let the world die, but Glenn, ever hopeful Glenn tells her they’re not and that they have to live for the dead. It seems to do the trick and Enid is a little more hopeful then. They find some balloons and send them up in the air as a signal to Maggie and the others that they’re there and see that Alexandria is surrounded now by walkers.


I think this episode pretty much puts to rest the rumor that Enid is a wolf. We saw her past and there was no foreshadowing of anything that happened in between what we were shown and her showing up at Alexandria’s gates and now you would think she would go back to them but instead she was by herself. I think Enid is just a lonely girl who is hurting and feels like if she gets close to anyone it’ll just end up hurting her more because they’ll die.

We also get quite a bit of story going in Alexandria as well. Morgan is interrogated by Rick, Michonne and Carol about why he had let those five wolves go before instead of killing them. They of course didn’t buy his ‘all life is precious’ motto, but I think (or at least hope) Morgan showed them that they do have to go as far as they have been going lately. There is middle ground. Morgan and Denise also have a nice little bonding moment, but we soon find out that Morgan wants her to help him with the wolf he has locked up. Now I’m all about peace, but giving a locked up, still secret, enemy medicine? Nah, I don’t think so. Carol is suspicious and leaves baby Judith with Jessie while she goes and confronts Morgan. We also see her getting a bit of a wake up when her and little Sam talk and she realizes she’s telling him that ‘killing is what doesn’t make you a monster’ sounds and is wrong.

We get a nice little scene with Rosita actually doing something productive (that is not a dig at Rosita, it’s a dig at Rick and the others who are always giving speeches about how the Alexandrians don’t know or do anything, but never show them either). She is teaching some of the Alexandrians and Eugene how to use knives/machetes. You can tell she must be scrapping the bottom of the barrel, but they are all willing so she’s showing them how. Eugene punks out while listening to the walkers just outside the wall and Rosita dresses him down good for it. I kind of thought we had already went over this with Eugene last season, what with the fire truck and the ill-fated run where he wouldn’t leave Tara or the others behind. I guess Eugene is still scared though and for some Rosita time, I’ll take it.

Josh McDermitt as Dr. Eugene Porter, Christian Serratos as Rosita Espinosa and Alexandra Breckenridge as Jessie – The Walking Dead _ Season 6, Episode 7 – Photo Credit: Gene Page/AMC

We see more of Ron becoming a creeper as Rick shows him how to shoot and Carl giving him pointers. They somehow still see nothing wrong with showing Ron how to shoot when he was just angry with both of them over Enid and his father. Seriously how do they not see this? We watch as Rick actually gives Ron an unloaded gun to get used to the feel of it and he immediately goes and steals bullets for it and starts stalking after Carl. Made me think of that one storyline in the comic that I won’t spoil-I’ll just say it’s a very apt Christmas story. *wink wink*

Everyone is about done with Rick’s pettiness this episode and I loved that. We see him ripping down Father Gabriels signs for a prayer circle and we hear Carl give an exasperated, ‘Dad!’ over it. Gabriel doesn’t back down though and puts the signs right back up. The man might be a coward and he may have made some wrong decisions, but that doesn’t mean he gets to be treated like dirt forever. Even moody teenage Carl has forgiven him, but not Rick apparently. We also see Spencer try to distract the walkers away/run away himself by throwing a grappling hook and crawling hand over foot while dangling from it. It of course goes badly, because what the hell Spencer? Are you still drunk? Tara saves his butt and Rick yells at her about ‘saving one of them’ (remember when I said Rick needs to let it go and quit thinking of them as ‘other’? Well…) and she flips him the bird. It was the greatest thing ever. She even throws back his own words in his face about how all they have is each other and they watch each other’s back.

We do see Rick getting along with one of the Alexandrians as he helps him brace a weak part of the wall. It’s too bad it is all for naught as we see a damaged building from the wolves attack fall and it crashes into a big section of the wall.

This happens right at the head of everything, so we don’t get any resolution, but more questions. What will happen now that the wall is down and all those walkers can come in? Are the Alexandrians ready to defend their home? Will Glenn and Enid be able to help or get caught up in the chaos? What about Daryl, Sasha and Abraham? Will more wolves attack now that the walls down? We find out this Sunday during TWD’s mid-season finale. We know it’s going to be a killer, so make sure to watch! Tell me what you think will happen in the comments below or on my twitter.

I’ll definitely be live tweeting it on my personal account @quietlikeastorm. You can reach me there or on the Nerdy Girl’s account, @thenerdygirlexp. We greatly appreciate all follows and interactions with you guys!

See you Sunday,


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