Fist like a Bullet – Episode 2 Recap & Review

Last Sunday we got a taste of the second episode of AMC’s newest series, Into the Badlands. Not only did it deliver on more outstanding fight scenes, but we got even more of them and we got tons of drama to go with it.

We start out with the Widow going into a bar and getting into the most awesome bar fight I’ve ever seen. The entire scene proves that not only is she smart and devious, but that the Widow can back it up too. I hope we get to see her fight more often in the next four episodes.


Then we go to MK still running for his life. He’s lucky as Sunny refuses to go past the Baron’s territory to look for him even with Ryder whining at him to do it anyways. I don’t think Sunny would have, even if he wasn’t in cahoots with MK before this all went down. Sunny doesn’t want to risk war and is smart enough to not make a dumb mistake like that.

MK, as it seems is his pattern, immediately runs into trouble. This time it’s Tilda. She is a trained assassin and deadly, but her and MK seem to hit it off. She gives him one of her butterfly throwing stars and then takes him to her mother. We find out her mother is none other than the Widow. It’s an interesting next set of scenes because we get to see how another baron runs their territory. The Widow seems to have a bit of a softer hand at first glance and she treats MK well. There is a sufficiently creepy scene where she helps MK with his bath while interrogating him about his true identity.

We find out the Widow is looking for MK, but doesn’t know if it is him or not. She has Tilda attack him to see if he bleeds as she had heard that if he does his powers are set off. We know this is true from the last episode and I was actually worried for Tilda for a few moments. Tilda, though I’m unsure if she realized he really is the boy her mother is looking for, hatches a plan with MK to fake him being injured. The ruse is pulled off and the Widow forgets about MK as soon as she thinks it’s not him.


Next we go back to Sunny and Quinn on a horseback ride. They go to a doctor’s home that we find out it where Sunny’s girlfriend grew up. Everything seems well enough but after the visit has ended, Quinn orders Sunny to go into the house and murder the doctor and his wife. For the first time in his life, Sunny refuses to carry out the Baron’s orders and it enrages the man. He does the deed himself, in gruesome fashion, and tells Sunny that he doesn’t give second chances and that in his mind, Sunny did this. I don’t think this will be the end of it. There is no way the Baron won’t punish Sunny somehow for his insubordination.

This brings up the fact though that Sunny cannot stay with the Baron anymore. Where before he may have been torn on his loyalties to him and to Veil and their unborn child, he now knows where he stands and it is not with the Baron. He tells Veil so and while she is still grieving for her adoptive parents, she is happy to hear Sunny’s decision and that there might be a place away from the Badlands.

We go back to the Widow making a deal with the nomads, a group of bandits with loyalty to the highest bidder. She makes a deal with them that they’ll help her if Tilda can take down one of their men. They don’t think it can be done and change the bet to if they win, they get Tilda. The Widow agrees even though Tilda looks far less than certain about these turn of events. I couldn’t decide if the Widow was that confident in Tilda’s abilities, or if she was just that much of a manipulator that she didn’t mind using her own daughter as a bargaining chip. I think it may be a bit of both. Tilda does win and the nomads go off to carry out the Widow’s trap. Later the Widow catches Tilda and MK sneaking around and Tilda fake kisses him. (Yes of course I already ship them) She banishes MK but then hands him over to the nomads instead. He is knocked out, tied up and put into the trunk of one of their vehicles.

There is an interesting conversation that Sunny has with another fellow, an older assassin named Waldo about freedom. The man tells him there isn’t any and that they can never get away from the baron. He then gives a toast to ‘freedom…and cages.’ It’s a good scene and helps to highlight Sunny’s world and how difficult it’s going to be to get out of it.

Next up is Ryder. He is having some fun (did you guys see his messed up foot? There is a story there to be sure) and realizes that there is some opium being sold that isn’t his fathers. He gets it out of her where she got it from (Nomads) and insists on going there to stop it from happening more. Sunny goes with him and together they walk into the trap the Widow had set up for them. They realize the ruse too late, but at least see the Widow and know it’s her doing. I was excited at getting to see Ryder fight, but he is almost immediately taken out and hanged by a chain to slowly choke to death while Sunny ends up dealing with everyone else.


The fight scene is incredible to watch, and I have to give kudos to Daniel Wu, the stuntmen and the camera work as well. It was all amazing and if not for anything else, you should watch this show just for the fight scenes. MK wakes up still tied up and locked up but using the butterfly ninja star Tilda had given to him he is able to free himself. He then goes into the warehouse (because why not I guess) and saves Sunny from one of the nomads. Sunny goes on to defeat the other nomads and saves Ryder, although he is badly injured. He brings an unconscious Ryder back to the Baron and is told to, ‘saddle up, they’re going to war,’ by Quinn. Quinn also allows Sunny to keep MK as his ‘colt’ which seems to be instead of going through the school-like training we had seen in the first episode, it’s a more personal one on one training. It’s mentioned this is the first time Sunny has ever had a colt, which again shows how isolated his life was before.

The pace and drama of the show has picked up in the second episode and it was good to do so. I am much more invested in the story now than I was during the first episode. I’m wondering right with Sunny and MK over how they are going to get out while there is a war looming over their heads. I also like how the show is treating its female characters. They are all just as strong, smart and powerful as the male characters and I hope that trend continues. The only one that hasn’t had much development yet is Veil. So I hope her character is revved up more in the upcoming episodes.

What did you think of this episode? Tell me in the comments below or over on our twitter @thenerdygirlexp or on my personal account @quietlikeastorm. We love hearing from you guys!

The third episode of Into the Badlands will premiere this upcoming Sunday at 10PM/EST right after TWD’s mid season finale. I will be live tweeting it all, so I hope everyone joins me in on that.

Finally here is a sneak peek at the next episode, enjoy!

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