Confirmed-Season 2 of @IntotheBadlands is happening via @quietlikeastorm

Yes it’s true! After all the waiting and hoping to hear word in January and then February, we finally have an official announcement from AMC that Into the Badlands has been renewed! Read more for all the information. Continue reading “Confirmed-Season 2 of @IntotheBadlands is happening via @quietlikeastorm”

Welcome to the Badlands

Last week we saw the premiere of a new series by AMC called, Into the Badlands. They had been highly publicizing this show for months now and I have to admit I was intrigued. It is a drama/action show centered on martial arts. I’m always a sucker for both things, so I knew I had to give this show a shot. First though let’s take a look at the beginning and who makes up this show and then we’ll see how it all came together and my thoughts on it. Continue reading “Welcome to the Badlands”