Confirmed-Season 2 of @IntotheBadlands is happening via @quietlikeastorm

Yes it’s true! After all the waiting and hoping to hear word in January and then February, we finally have an official announcement from AMC that Into the Badlands has been renewed! Read more for all the information.

After high ratings and brilliant martial arts performances mixed with excellently played drama fans of Into the Badlands thought a renewal would be announced right away. Instead we had to wait for several months before we found out. What’s more is that we will have to do some more waiting now as AMC has stated that the second season will come out sometime in 2017.

Better news is that this time AMC has ordered a 10-episode season meaning we are going to get even more amazing stunts from Daniel Wu, Aramis Knight, Emily Beecham and Ally Ioannides. We will also find out if Oliver Stark and Sarah Bolger (Ryder and Jade) will get in on the action or just fight each other for control after Ryder’s fathers demise in the season one finale.

What’s more we will definitely get to see Sunny try to return to his love Veil and Veil’s continued pregnancy and trying to keep herself and her baby safe without Sunny around. Also what about MK? Last we saw of him he was kidnapped and being taken away. Will he learn about his mysterious powers or will they too try to use him against people as a living weapon? Will Tilda try to find and rescue him? Will her mother The Widow try to control him again?

What will Alfred Gough and Miles Millar come up with for us to go fan crazy over? It seems hard to imagine them being able to top the writing of the first season, but I have faith that they will pull out all the stops and wow us again.

It’s great news that we are getting a season two, because now all our questions will be answered! So stick around and the Nerdy Girl Express will keep you updated on all news about Into the Badlands. You can also watch the first season for free at AMC if you need to catch up or want to have a re-watch of the show.

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