#TWD Finale-Love it or hate it? @WalkingDead_AMC via @quietlikeastorm

There was a definite varied response when it came time last Sunday for The Walking Dead’s season finale. I admit I was on the side yelling about the ending. Why? Read on, also spoilers.

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Introducing Lucille? #TWD Finale @WalkingDead_AMC via @quietlikeastorm #TheWalkingDead #TWDFinale

Anyone who has read or even not read the comics by now knows that Lucille is coming. That Lucille goes with Negan and with our finale coming up in such a short time I thought I would go over the possibilities of what is going to maybe happen. Join me for all the possible spoilers!

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#TWD The Same Boat Episode Review @WalkingDead_AMC via @quietlikeastorm 

The most recent episode of the Walking Dead played out a lot differently than most others. For one there was little to none of the group and instead the plot focuses exclusively on Maggie and Carol. It also lets us get to know some of the people under Negan and how maybe our group is turning out not so differently. Read on for more and be warned of spoilers. Continue reading “#TWD The Same Boat Episode Review @WalkingDead_AMC via @quietlikeastorm “

The Walking Dead-Knots Untie Review and Recap @WalkingDead_AMC via @quietlikeastorm #TWD

The second half of this season has been very different than the first. While the beginning was fast paced and sit on the edge of your seat at all times. The second has been much slower. Not necessarily in a bad way, but more in exploring the characters rather than them reacting to the situations around them. This past weeks episode, Knots Untie, really starts to show how everyone and everything is changing for our group. Spoilers ahead.

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The Glenn Episode – TWD Review and Recap

Yes while the episode is really titled, ‘Heads Up’ (which is pretty accurate considering all the situations going on), everyone will forever remember it as ‘the Glenn episode’ instead. We finally got some of the answers we had impatiently been waiting on this past week and also a good change of pace. Continue reading “The Glenn Episode – TWD Review and Recap”