Start to Finish – TWD Midseason Finale Review

This past Sunday was the midseason finale of season six of The Walking Dead. What was resolved? What questions were left unanswered? So many, that’s what.The episode starts out with a nice scene of Sam, Jessie’s youngest son going about his regular day. He has the creepiest song ever playing and is coloring. We see ants are getting in through the window and devouring some cookies without him even noticing. It’s a nice but obvious metaphors to Sam’s state of mind and the current situation Alexandria is in. I’m trying to give Sam a pass on this episode because he is quite young and already traumatized. We can’t expect him to act in a mature adult manner when he is neither of those things. I think it’s best to add Sam himself in on the metaphor as a living embodiment of the innocence left in Alexandria and how they looked away, were afraid and didn’t notice the dangers around them.

Next we go to the church tower falling and destroying the outer wall. There is a lot of debris and dust, but through it you start to see the outline of people, or rather walkers. Alexandria is safe no longer. We see Rick’s horrified face before he yells at everyone to get inside and hide. There are some heart attack moments watching our people try to reach safety, especially Maggie who climbs ladders at a snail’s pace. Almost everyone seems to make it to relative safety though and we don’t get to see any random Alexandrians go down, which was actually a bit surprising as the show has shown them little love in the past. Deanna is hurt, but Rick keeps her with him and they all escape into a house and lock it up tight. It is Rick, Deanna, Carl, Judith, Jessie, Ron, her other boy, Michonne and Father Gabriel. Carol and Morgan make it into a different house and you know it’s going to go down between the two of them. Denise and the wolf are also in that house, but in the basement. Tara, Rosita and Eugene (who froze at seeing all the walkers and was the one who whispered ‘help’ on the radio) all get into a garage. We don’t get to see what happens to anyone else, not even that guy Rick was helping to put up supports. So who knows what happened to any of them.

Morgan and Carol immediately start arguing and fighting. Carol is upset that Morgan has kept the wolf not only a secret, but that he is still alive and so a danger to all of them. I agree with Carol in the fact that I don’t think a WOLF can be saved, but Morgan’s philosophy could very well work on others who are desperate and have gone half-crazy from all the trauma they’ve experienced, you know like Morgan himself. Murdering anyone who looks funny at you isn’t a good way to save what’s left of humanity Carol. What I’m saying is that these two are hardliners that go to opposite extremes when middle ground would obviously work much better all around.

Also I couldn’t help but feel the hypocrisy at Carol being mad at Morgan for keeping a secret from the group. Are you serious Carol? Need I remind everyone of her being kicked out of the group for secretly murdering sick people and burning their bodies and leaving them there for others to find? People that were from her own group? Because wow Carol, that’s a convenient memory you’ve got there or maybe it’s a high horse, I haven’t decided yet.

And no I’m not bashing Carol, I’m pointing out a fact no one seems to want to remember because it seriously undermines the plot they’re trying to feed us. I know it’s not the cool thing to dislike anything Carol does, but I’m not sorry for pointing out her being a hypocrite. We are all going to have to live with it.

To be fair, Morgan needs to understand that he is with a group now. You cannot make decisions for the group by yourself (Carol). It puts them into possible danger that they don’t even know about until it’s too late. This of course, is exactly what happens. After Carol and Morgan’s fight where I guess Morgan wins (no one wins really) and Carol is knocked out, the wolf gets the advantage and kidnaps Denise. He takes her outside with a knife to her throat into walker land. We’re left with this cliffhanger and will have to wait to see how it plays out. I’m sure Morgan is going to be in all sorts of trouble, especially if Denise dies somehow. It’s not cool to keep a known enemy secret and then have them get out.

Finally I would like to add that both Morgan and Carol are completely missing the point of what’s going on. Yes there is all the fight for good or kill for it debate and blah, blah, blah-that’s not what I’m talking about. I’m talking about the fact that these two could not set their squabble aside when all of Alexandria is in the middle of going straight to hell. If they could have kept their heads about them not only would they be in a much better position to defend/help Alexandria, and they will need the strength of those two, but also the wolf wouldn’t have got the upper hand and kidnapped Denise. I’m ruling this BOTH their faults and I hope the future storyline somehow reflects that. I’m sure Morgan will just get banished and die tragically and Carol will forget while Rick angsts about it for an episode or two. Sigh.

I’ll move on to Tara’s little group. They are stuck in a garage and cannot get into the house as it’s locked up. Rosita for the first time we’ve seen gives up hope. Tara rallies her and Eugene though and they go about finding a way into the house. Somehow Eugene knows how to pick locks and I would love to hear the story of how that is one day. They are in the same home of Carol and Morgan and come in at the last moments while Denise is being kidnapped. They stop the wolf from hurting Morgan or Carol, but he still gets away with the doctor.

Glenn and Enid get a couple minutes air time, they watch the wall fall down and rush to another part of it. They climb up into a tree and have a convenient view of Maggie safe, but trapped by walkers. Glenn tells Enid that they have to help and he needs to get to his pregnant wife. This is the first time Enid’s heard about Maggie being pregnant but she doesn’t react much other than to look surprised. We’ll see if this spurs her to be more hopeful and active in the group later on.


Finally we get to the majority of the episode which is situated in the house Rick and his group are stuck in. Before everything went down, we see Ron following Carl and he has his gun out. His intent couldn’t be clearer, but he stops when the wall goes down. As comic readers know, something happens to Carl and I can’t help but wonder if Ron is going to be the one to do it on the show. I thought it might be the big thing that happens this episode that would have everyone talking about it, but it didn’t…yet. Ron and Carl start fighting in the garage of the house. Ron pulls his gun again, like a moron, because seriously can’t anyone put their drama aside while Alexandria is being invaded? Christ on a cracker. The gun goes off a few times but hurts no one. The walkers around the house hear the noise though and are soon breaking into the garage. They get in and Carl, Ron and the others are barely able to contain them to the garage. They know they’ll have to move soon. Way to go Ron.

Ron and Carl also have an argument in Ron’s room. Carl says and I quote, “Look, I get it, my dad killed your dad. But you gotta know something: your dad was an asshole.” Wow Carl. Way to not only state the obvious but again act like you know way more than who you’re talking to even though it’s really the other way around. I call it know-it-all teenage boy syndrome. Ron knows his dad was an asshole, I’m sure he figured it out when he was either beating on him, his little brother or maybe his mom. This doesn’t mean it’s Even-Stevens that Rick shot and murdered him. In fact anyone could make the same argument to Carl if someone shot Rick. I’m not going to get into the fact either that kids almost always love their parents, no matter how shit they are. It added nothing to the storyline as far as I was concerned other than to make Ron doubly mad at Carl. Another smart move was Carl not telling his dad or anyone else what Ron tried to do. Ron is a danger to himself and the group, they need to know how out of line he is being and take steps to prevent anything bad happening.

The other Carl thinking he knows more and clearly not is when he tells Enid about how he knows what it takes to survive and she doesn’t when he sneaks after her and catches her outside the walls. Carl has zero clue what Enids went through, but he assumes it can’t be anything as terrible as his own experience. Even though hers is actually worse as she had to survive alone for who knows how long before reaching Alexandria, something that Carl has never had to do. No his six hours alone eating pudding episode doesn’t count. Ron’s dad might be an asshole, but Carl is being a dumbass. I hope he grows out of this soon.

Enough about Carl drama though, let’s go to Deanna. Rick takes her to an upstairs room and we find that not only has Deanna been injured but that she has also been bitten. We all know what that means and so does Deanna. Michonne decides to sit with her for most of the duration they’re in the house except when they’re fortifying the garage. Rick goes to check on Deanna and Judith when we get another heart attack moment when we see Deanna dangling over the playpen Judith is in. Deanna tells Rick that, “It’s still me,” and he doesn’t take her down with the axe he has. Also great parenting leaving your baby next to someone bit Rick. Deanna has heart to heart talks with Michonne and Rick. It felt much the same as when Bob was dying. Deanna tells Rick that these are his people now and he makes noise that there hasn’t been enough time. There has been plenty of time Rick; you’ve just been being a jerk for the entirety of it. Deanna is all in all very forgiving of the fact Rick has come in and caused them nothing but trouble. Seriously think about it, while they may have been dumb and innocent, they still had a successful safe place to live. All of that went out the window as soon as Rick started doing stuff (and things). I hope Rick eventually reflects on this, but I doubt it will happen.

Deanna also tells Michonne that, “Someday this pain will be useful to you,” and reminds Michonne to focus on herself and what she wants out of this life. Michonne is the most self-reflective of the cast and I hope this turns her more into a leader than she already is. I would much rather Alexandria, or what’s left of it, is ran by Michonne rather than Rick.


The group knows they can’t stay in the house and Rick employs an old trick where they cover themselves in walker guts to mask their scent and be able to walk among them. As long as a person doesn’t move to quickly or speak, the walkers aren’t alerted to dinner time. They are covering everyone up and Father Gabriel deserves a mention here. He is a known coward and since he told Deanna not to trust Rick and the others Rick and almost every TWD fan refuses to forgive him. Gabriel though keeps on going and I think that deserves some praise. He is continuing to try and connect to the Alexandrians (prayer circles), he is trying to be helpful (asking Carl to teach him about weapons and going on the ill planned walker parade) and he doesn’t lose his nerve here (even though he makes the best grossed out face). Gabriel tried to give up more than once before, but he is slowly changing and I think it’s time for the group and everyone else to finally let their bad feelings towards him go.

Jessie who is in a contest for worst parent award with Rick, somehow completely forgets to tell Sam any of this is going on or that they are even leaving. The scaredy-cat kid comes out to everyone covered in guts and gore and is realistically freaked the hell out. She seems to get him in line though and he too soon matches everyone else.


The last scene in the house is with Michonne and then Deanna. Michonne gives Deanna a gun so the walkers won’t get to her while she’s alive. Deanna tells her she knows what to do (which reminded me of Andrea’s death and I feel so badly for Michonne right now). As the group leaves and the house is filled with walkers, Deanna opens the door and sees a bunch coming down the hall towards her. Instead of firing on herself she takes down as many walkers as she can instead. She screams in their faces as they converge on her and Deanna goes down a fighter as she was a fighter in life. Why are all the ones with hope always killed off? It’s a punishment to hope for anything good on this show.

Finally we see Ricks group slowly going through the walkers. Their disguises are working and they all hold hands to make sure no one gets separated. Sam is in the middle of the group and suddenly starts to get scared. He calls for his mom. Jessie doesn’t answer even though she’s in front of him, he calls her name a couple more times each one louder and the show ends. The walkers are going to end up reacting before anyone else is it seems and it will mess up their careful getaway. Why one has jerked his hand or hushed him is beyond me. I don’t see how someone couldn’t get bit after this, but we’ll see when the show comes back. I’m still trying to give Sam the benefit of the doubt here, as he is a kid and a traumatized one at that, but seriously Sam-SHUT UP.

The Walking Dead won’t be back until February 14, 2016. Happy Valentine’s Day to everyone! Of course I can’t stop this review without going into the sneak peek we got about ten minutes after the show ended. It goes back to Daryl, Abraham and Sasha being confronted with the motorcycle gang. I’m sure Daryl was super envious, but I’m also surprised he stopped the truck in the first place. I would have plowed right through those tiny bikes in my huge truck. Just saying. The gang tells our group that all their belongings belong to Negan now. Any comic fan got a chill through their spine at the name. For anyone who doesn’t read the comics or spoilers, let’s just say he is a bad guy that is so bad that he makes the Governor look like a nice guy. He makes the wolves look like puppies and the cannibals of Terminus like vegetarians. Also Negan can stay away from Glenn, far far away.


While this episode was full of a lot more talking than action, I still thought it was a good episode. I don’t need a show to only have action to be interested in it. I like when the characters slow down sometimes dig deep into their stories and drama. A couple of other episodes this season have been filler, no action but also no real story progression. This episode had a lot going on and it moved the story along. As with the entire season so far, not a lot of time passed but many things are still happening. I hope the rest of the season continues as it has minus the couple of misses.

What did you think of the episode? What do you predict will happen in the second half of season six? Tell me in the comments below or on our twitter @thenerdygirlexp or even my personal twitter @quietlikeastorm. We love hearing from you guys, especially me in regards to TWD. Before the next part of the season starts (Feburary 14th on AMC!) I will be doing another article to remind everyone of what’s happened and also to do predictions. It will be spoiler filled for the comic so this is your warning in advance.

In the meantime, if you still need a zombie fix I suggest watching iZombie on the CW, Tuesdays at 9pm. It’s not the same kind of zombies we see on The Walking Dead, but I love the show because they are different. It has really smart writing and the plot is getting very, very good now. You can catch up on the first season on Netflix and what has been aired of the second season is online and on the CW app.

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