The Daryl Episode – A TWD Review & Recap

We have all been denied having Daryl on our screens for most of this season and this past week’s episode finally gave us what we craved. While still slower paced than the break neck speed episodes that made up the start of this current season, this episode was much better than last week’s filler.

The episode starts off nicely with Daryl on his bike and Sasha and Abraham in the car. They are suddenly attacked by anonymous bad guys, who may or may not be wolves. We are never shown their faces, and I think this was done on purpose as we never get close ups of any bad guy faces this entire episode. The main difference with these baddies is that they had guns, while the wolves we had saw before did not. Does this mean they’re a different group? I’ve seen a lot of people think so, but I’m more leaning towards they are the same. The wolves’ first attack was strange in the fact they didn’t have any guns. Seriously who can’t find one gun? Our group can go for a stroll and find weapons lying around, but they can’t? Seems fishy to me.

The baddies are all killed, but Daryl is separated from the group. He ends up in a burned part of the forest and meets a trio of people who immediately knock him out. We soon learn they are the reason the forest has been burned; they wanted to get rid of the walkers around. They also while trying to act very tough, fail to kill Daryl or even hurt him badly. They for some reason think it’s a good idea to pull him along instead of tying him up to a tree or you know shooting him. It is then no wonder that when they realize ‘Patty’ is gone (which is a truck and I didn’t realize it until they mentioned the confusion on the Talking Dead) that Daryl grabs the large bag of supplies that also contains his stuff and runs away without three people being able to catch him. Somehow. Daryl is then able to get out of his tied up hands in less than a minute. These people are who we should be yelling are useless, not the Alexandrians who at least have a safe place. Daryl sees that there is a cooler full of insulin in the bag and feels bad and goes back to them and an uneasy truce is made.

We then go back to Abraham and Sasha. They decide to try and wait and see if Daryl shows back up. They whole up in a building and talk more about the same thing they’ve been talking about the whole season. How Sasha has got her will to live back (but still no flashbacks or how’s that happened) and how Abraham is now the reckless one. Abraham goes out and finds a rocket launcher and several rockets. Um, alright, how convenient can that get? (See this is what I mean how it’s strange the wolves didn’t have any guns-Abraham literally took a stroll and found a loaded ROCKET LAUNCHER) He also screams in the face of a stuck walker, having his own little moment where he remembers he’s still alive. He also finds himself a new jacket and hits on Sasha who doesn’t say yes or no to him. Go Abraham. Although he did have another great line, “loose ends make my ass itch.” Seriously who writes his lines? Give them all the awards.

We go back to Daryl and his new three friends. They are all getting along better and we find out a bit more about a group they used to be with that were obviously bad news. They mention about how they won’t kneel anymore and how they ‘earned’ that insulin but are fully expecting them to come after them. Sure enough a group does. Again we aren’t allowed to see any up close shots of their faces, so no telling if they are wolves or what. In a clever scene, Daryl tricks one of them into getting bit by a lurking walker and this makes the group leave. This group wasn’t particularly menacing and I don’t think they were meant to be. They struck me as more of a scouting party, trying to figure out where that new trio had gone, when they ran into trouble they left. This is more dangerous as I assume that means there will be more people out to find them now.

We then get a scene where the sick girl finds a place she remembers from before. She feels bad that it was burned in the fire and goes into the destroyed greenhouse and sees the dead bodies of her old friends/neighbors. They of course are walkers and bite her. Did you really expect anything else? It’s then just the two and Daryl. He asks the man the three questions (which was exciting) and tells them about Abraham and Sasha, Alexandria and how they can live a nice life there as a good recruiter does. They seem to buy into it, but near the end of the episode they betray Daryl and take his stuff and his bike. At this point they’ve stolen his stuff twice and I’m so done with them. Daryl finds ‘Patty’ in the woods (how she got there is never explained) and he picks up Sasha and Abraham. Abraham looks in the side mirror and doesn’t see anything behind them and smiles. This I’m sure is a bad sign, because nothing can be happy for long in TWD.


Finally we’re left with a cliffhanger of someone on the radio saying, ‘help.’
I’ve heard many people instantly say this has to be Glenn. It may well be, but I’m still in the corner that Glenn is walker chow and that it’s someone else. Who else could it be? Well I think it’s that duo that stole Daryl’s stuff. Daryl had a radio that would already be on the same channel as Abraham and Sasha’s. It makes sense that they got into some trouble (finally got caught maybe?) and are hoping they’ll help them out. I’m rather cynical about strangers’ motivation and I can’t help but wonder if it’s a trap. I hope Daryl says a big ol’ FU if it is, but I’m sure they’ll end up checking it out somehow.

Overall I was much happier with this episode than I was last weeks, but this was still slower paced than I was hoping it would be. I think the beginning of the season truly spoiled us. Still it was great getting to see what Daryl was up to as well as Sasha and Abraham. Hopefully we’ll see their story continue this week (today actually, because I was lazy the first part of the week and an emergency has kept me offline for the past few days and whoops it’s already Sunday again).

The next episode preview showed Morgan being seemingly interrogated by Rick and Michonne. I’m guessing they find out about his pet wolf he’s been keeping and are seriously wondering about his choices. While I’m still with Morgan on the whole being a peace thing, keeping a guy like that under wraps was not cool. We’ll see if Rick flies off the handle about it.

I also have to mention, because I’m still so excited about it, but one of my live tweets made it onto the Talking Dead! It was about Daryl talking and squirrels and it didn’t really get a lot of attention, but I guess someone there liked it because there it was and here’s a pic to prove it (thanks for getting that for me @zazabing).


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