A Strangely Chipper #TWD Episode Review

The latest episode of The Walking Dead was while very entertaining, also very happy. I know, I know, I can’t believe I’m writing that sentence too. Read on though for all the feel good moments.

We find out that since we last left Alexandria in the middle of a destroying a horde of walkers with fire and togetherness, that some time has passed. There is a picture of Carl (with an obvious eye bandage) holding Judith. Rick is getting ready for his day and Michonne shows up. In a towel. Asking to borrow toothpaste.

I might be able to brush this off as they have always lived in that house together and are very close, but then Rick says he doesn’t have any because she’s been borrowing it for the last couple weeks. Wink wink.

Before we get too worked up about this, Rick leaves to go on a small run with Daryl. We find out Tara and others will be going on a large one soon, but Eugene wants them to pick up some specific corn and Denise wants to surprise Tara with some pop (it’s pop not soda although I will accept soda pop or even just Coke. I am southern after all). Rick puts on some tunes for the road even though Daryl asks him repeatedly not to. We find out that Rick Grimes, badass leader of the apocalypse, loves terrible rockabilly music. Poor Daryl.

Everything is going really well for them as they find the corn and then a big truck full of supplies. Rick mentions that it’s the law of averages, that things were bound to start getting better for them after all the crap they had been through. Interesting words to pick.

They stop off at a gas station for the pop and meet a man who runs into them and tells them there are walkers after him. He introduces himself as Paul Rovio (Monroe in the comics), but his friends call him Jesus because of his appearance.


He soon runs off to ‘escape’ the zombies even though Rick is trying to ask him his three questions. Daryl doesn’t want him to, but Rick is determined until Jesus runs off. The two then hear gun fire, but find out it’s actually firecrackers. They realize they’ve been had and watch as Jesus drives away with their truck and all the supplies. Even the vending machine.

Somehow the two are able to run and actually catch up with him as he is changing a flat. I’m guessing they didn’t have to drive that far because otherwise I don’t see how that’s humanly possible. It’s one of my few critiques of the episode this week. Jesus is a great fighter, but between Rick and Daryl they are able to subdue him and tie him up. They leave him and drive off. They’re on their way and see a barn and decide to go check it out. Hearing a noise on the roof they realize there must be someone on top so they slam the breaks and off topples Jesus. The man is a ninja.

Both Rick and Daryl end up getting out of the truck and going after him. There is more fighting, walkers are accidentally let loose, Jesus saves Daryl, Daryl thanks him and then punches him and then the truck rolls into a lake. Law of averages indeed, but it was very entertaining. Jesus is knocked out and the two find another car and take him with them back to Alexandria. Rick also tells Daryl about how he wasn’t listening before, how he wouldn’t that they had to be open to new people and that he would now. I cheered so hard at this.

Meanwhile we do get to see some of the other characters. Maggie gives Enid a pep talk because her and Glenn seem to really want to adopt her. Enid seems less than enthused. She also isn’t enthused with Carl’s attitude, which I can’t blame her for.


The two are still sneaking out of Alexandria to read comic books and such. Enid has grown tired of this though, perhaps not wanting to always feel that danger and tells him she doesn’t want to come out there anymore. Carl says okay, but before they leave a walker happens upon them. Carl won’t kill it and Enid gets mad and tells him he should. He yells that she doesn’t understand and tells her to go, that she wanted to anyways. She does.

Seriously Carl, if you want me to take you seriously as a man instead of a boy, you are going to have to start acting like a man. Men do no hide the fact that Ron tried to shoot them (which if you had you might still have two eyes, just saying), men also don’t feel the need to rebel and read comic books in the woods and will tell why they don’t want to kill the walker. Use your words Carl.

We soon find out though why Carl made this decision not to kill the walker, but not why he couldn’t explain or thought Enid wouldn’t understand. Has everyone forgot that she watched both her parents get killed and ate and then lived alone in the woods for weeks? She is not a soft Alexandrian. We watch as Michonne on guard duty sees Spencer go into the woods with a shovel. She follows him and confronts him on what he’s doing. He says he has unfinished business and she then sees Carl walk by, the walker following him.


Michonne and Spencer see that the walker is Deanna. This is what Spencer had been looking for, he thought he had seen her before and wanted to bury her himself. Carl understood this need as he later explained it to Michonne, that it needed to be someone who loved her. It was a very sweet and sad moment in an otherwise lighthearted episode.

I love the relationship between Carl and Michonne. Not only a motherless son and sonless mother finding each other, but also of two people who are very close friends. I hope we get more of these two together.

Daryl and Rick return with Jesus and take him to Denise to look over. He must have a clean bill of health as they stick him in an empty house. Tied up, but with some water and a note. Daryl goes to wherever he lives (seriously where does he live in this town?) and Rick goes back home.

All our little shipper hearts are then delighted by all the Rick/Michonne that happens. The two hold hands, banter and then make out on the couch like teenagers. It was kind of amazing. Not only because it has been a long time coming with all sorts of hints dropped about it, but also because it was just so happy. I can’t remember a time something was that happy on this show. I think the two are a good fit for each other. Neither does well alone. Michonne gets too lost in her head and Rick acts out rashly. The two together are able to even each other out and I think it’s a great thing. Rick seriously needs some evening out.

Of course being The Walking Dead, they couldn’t leave it at this happy moment. Instead we see Rick and Michonne in bed together and before we can all pass out on realizing they were naked, Jesus shows up. The two are immediately on their feet, weapons at the ready, bare ass naked. It was kind of awesome. I can’t wait to see the next episode and will definitely be livetweeting it from my personal account, @quietlikeastorm when it comes on this Sunday at 9:00PM/ET on AMC.

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