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Anyone who has read or even not read the comics by now knows that Lucille is coming. That Lucille goes with Negan and with our finale coming up in such a short time I thought I would go over the possibilities of what is going to maybe happen. Join me for all the possible spoilers!

We know the last episode left off with Rick going back to Alexandria. Morgan going after runaway Carol and another group out as well. They consist of Daryl, Michonne, Glenn and Rosita. The episode left off with them surrounded by Saviors among them Dwight who shot Daryl while his back was turned.

Carol running away in her Mad Max inspired vehicle

First of all is Daryl dead? I highly doubt it. TWD loves to leave us hanging thinking characters are dead when they never are. However when they do kill a character off they love for us to watch it from every angle, in slow motion until we drown in our own tears. The cut away was only to excite and dismay us, but it wasn’t a kill shot. Now I do think Daryl is very hurt. I don’t know if he will be much help for awhile and that is a big problem.

I am assuming that this group of Saviors are going to bring our little group back with them. After the horrendous oversight of thinking they were done with the Saviors after that massacre of their base, I don’t think our group ever thought there would be retaliation. Why they didn’t think this, I have no idea, but it’s a moot point now as the Saviors are here and they have our group. If the Saviors do bring our group back then they are going to meet the main leader and baddie we’ve all been waiting for/heard about-Negan.

Which is the ugliest surprise-Getting shot in the back or Dwight’s face?

Negan is not going to take it lightly that not only has our group blown up one of their teams, but also assassinated an entire base of them and then killed another scouting team who went to try and help. As the show has stated before, “There will be a price to pay.”

Here is where some spoilers come in. We know in the comics that when the group first meets Negan, it is a small party like the one Daryl is in. We also know to make a point, Negan beats one of that group to death with his barbed wire wrapped baseball bat that he has lovingly named Lucille.The Walking Dead show has always changed some parts of the comics and characters around to fit their needs, but they usually hit on the big events that happen. This is one of the biggest and I highly doubt with how it’s been set up almost the same and with the promotional material that they are going to change that. The only real question is, which person is going to meet Lucille?

I’ve heard a lot of people say they think it’s going to be Morgan somehow. I have no idea how people think this as he is the opposite way and not caught by the Saviors. So I’m throwing this option out, there is no way for it happen.

Worst game of duck duck goose ever

That leaves us with the actual people caught by the Saviors. An obvious choice would be Daryl. He is made up for the show only, he is already injured and it would make fans riot as well as the characters on the show as everyone loves Daryl. I’ve really wondered if his number is up, but I’m slowly leaning away from it. I feel like Dwight shooting Daryl took him out of the running. They might torture him for information still; I have no doubt that Dwight would love that. But where Daryl is already hurt I feel like it would lessen the impact of such a shocking death. So maybe Daryl, but doubtful.

Michonne is a strong character that most of the others usually ending up deferring to in most situations, even Rick. I would think that she would be seen as the leader of the group and being the strongest may make her the biggest target. Now Michonne is safe and sound in the comics, so that makes me think she might be saved from this as she has so much more story to go and there is no one that can replace her. Although another dead love interest for Rick would probably put him in the mood for more war. So possibly, but it doesn’t feel quite right.

Rosita is a wild card. She is a solid presence on the show, but until recently has been a definite secondary character. Maybe TWD set it up that we’ve seen more of her lately only to lose her now? They have done it in the past and I’m sure they will in the future, but will they do it now? Her death would cause a lot of anguish to our group. Abraham, Eugene, Sasha and Tara probably being the most bothered by it. Not to mention Daryl who has lost Merle, Beth, Carol’s left them all and he just went on a run with Rosita and Denise. Denise died on it and to lose Rosita as well so soon afterwards? It would devastate the man. Also beating to death a woman would be beyond shocking and would have everyone talking. So Rosita is a definite possibility to me.

The last one is Glenn. My sweet Glenn! He and Michonne are the only ones from the comic group that meet Negan that is together on the show right now. Glenn already has two big strikes against him as it stands. (SPOILER DON’T READ IF YOU DON’T WANT THE COMICS SPOILED FOR YOU AND POSSIBLY THE SHOW)

First is the fact that Glenn is the one that dies in the comic by Lucille. He tries to talk Negan out of doing this and Negan doesn’t want to hear it. Seriously do not look it up if you are at all squeamish, it is super gory. The second is that I feel like Glenn’s brush with death but saved by dumpster was foreshadowing how Glenn’s time is going to be up soon. We always see Glenn get out of scrapes, but will he escape this one? Not to mention that comic Glenn and TV Glenn are much the same and I can see him trying to talk their way out of it and getting targeted by Negan. The other thing that makes me think it will be Glenn (because honestly I thought before they were going to pull a switch-a-roo and make it Daryl) is that Maggie’s pregnant.

We may have baby Glenn on the way to make us feel better about losing him OR Maggie could also lose the baby, as she seemed to be possibly miscarrying at the end of the last episode, and make us hate ourselves even more that we lost both of them. That seems very like the writers and I will want to punch my TV if it happens. And that makes me think that it really will be Glenn that meets Lucille.

What do you guys think is going to happen? Tell me in the comments below and find me on twitter, @quietlikeastorm. I will be live tweeting the 90 minute finale tomorrow at 9:00PM/ET and would love to cry with you through it. Also make sure to subscribe here and to follow us on twitter, @TheNerdyGirlExpress so you can find all my TWD articles and more. Finally we have a poll running on who you think Lucille is going to get so make sure to vote and RT it!


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