@NBCPowerless “Wayne or Lose” Reactions from @kleffnotes

NBC debuted Powerless, the comic book inspired series where superheroes aren’t the main characters last week. Emily Locke, played by Vanessa Hudgens, has just gotten a new job in Charm City as the head of research and development at Wayne Security. After living in what is known as a fly over state, superheroes never landed there, she decided that she wanted to move to a place where she could find a way to more directly help those impacted by superheroes. On her first day Emily finds herself taking on way more responsibility than she ever planned when the Wayne in charge, Van, gets a promotion.

That’s right Charm City’s Wayne Security if run by Bruce Wayne’s cousin, Van, who is desperate to be let into Gotham society by getting a position within his cousin’s business. When he finds out he’s being absorbed into the Gotham company this means that everyone in Charm City will lose their jobs. Emily rallies her team, that she’s been in charge of for only one full day, and they need to find an invention that will make Bruce want to keep their office open.


The first episode was a fun watch and I was really excited to learn that Batman is going to be tangentially connected to the storyline. I am a huge Batman fan and even though Van is the only Wayne we are going to see Alan Tudyk is really funny as someone desperate to become part of Gotham high society. Christina Kirk as his assistant Jackie actually seems to have a better handle on how to run the business and watching her correct Van made me chuckle. Ron Funches and Danny Pudi as Ron and Teddy were great together and I think they’ll be fun to watch over the course of the season. Jennie Pierson as Wendy was funny in the pilot, but according to IMDb it doesn’t look like she’ll be in the whole season.


I think the show will be a fun and lighthearted watch, which is definitely something new for DC Comics based things. Their stories are typically more serious, though Supergirl on The CW does have more lighthearted elements than many of the other hour long DC shows. Watching Powerless, a superhero themed comedy, will be a fun addition to my week and I plan on watching the entire season.


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