@NBCPowerless Reactions “Sinking Day” and “Emily Dates a Henchman” from @kleffnotes

This week’s Powerless recap is not one, but two episodes. Since I had a few articles in the works already I thought I’d just combine my reactions to episodes 3 and 4. Continue reading “@NBCPowerless Reactions “Sinking Day” and “Emily Dates a Henchman” from @kleffnotes”

@NBCPowerless “Wayne Dream Team” Reactions from @kleffnotes

Wayne Security has a brand new project that Emily has guaranteed will be done by the end of the week, but her team has other ideas. It’s Superhero Fantasy League time and everyone else wants to get their teams figured out. In an attempt to get them more focused Emily makes an almost villainous decision. Continue reading “@NBCPowerless “Wayne Dream Team” Reactions from @kleffnotes”

@NBCPowerless “Wayne or Lose” Reactions from @kleffnotes

NBC debuted Powerless, the comic book inspired series where superheroes aren’t the main characters last week. Emily Locke, played by Vanessa Hudgens, has just gotten a new job in Charm City as the head of research and development at Wayne Security. After living in what is known as a fly over state, superheroes never landed there, she decided that she wanted to move to a place where she could find a way to more directly help those impacted by superheroes. On her first day Emily finds herself taking on way more responsibility than she ever planned when the Wayne in charge, Van, gets a promotion. Continue reading “@NBCPowerless “Wayne or Lose” Reactions from @kleffnotes”