@NBCPowerless Reactions “Sinking Day” and “Emily Dates a Henchman” from @kleffnotes

This week’s Powerless recap is not one, but two episodes. Since I had a few articles in the works already I thought I’d just combine my reactions to episodes 3 and 4.

In episode 3, Sinking Day, we open to the reveal that William H. Macy and Aquaman are both residents of the underwater city of Atlantis. Not only that, but Ron is also surprisingly from the same city. Everyone thought he was from Atlanta, which is way different and I’m guessing slightly warmer. The team has been working on brand new vat covers for Ace Chemicals and while Van gets chummy with a Kane from the company they wind up losing the client. Turns out the Kanes wanted force field technology and while Van said that’s what his team would create he never told Emily. Ace Chemicals is one of their biggest clients and Van’s dad arrives to chew him out for losing his first ever client. That honestly feels like cheating because the Kanes and the Waynes are family so he probably just signed a deal at a family reunion and didn’t go through the whole phone book thing he literally mentions every time he talks about business.


To redeem the company Emily wants to focus on getting Atlantis to sign with them. Things seem to be going well, but Van suddenly announces that he hosts a Sinking Day party every year and Aquaman always comes. Emily has to set things up asap, but none of them know Aquaman. When the Atlanteans ask about meeting their hero, Van appears with gifts and tells them they are from Aquaman who sadly couldn’t come. Just when it looks like they’ve got them hook, line, and sinker Van’s dad swoops in and says he’s signing the client. Van retreats to his office and continues working on his daddy issues music. Emily tells him he needs to fight for the contract. It turns out the Atlanteans weren’t actually interested in working with his dad and Van gets to prove he can do business. While all of this is going on Ron is convinced that Alex, a Clark Kentesque employee, is secretly a superhero. He keeps trying to prove that he’s a helmeted hero, even though no one else believes him. The episode ends with Van and Emily singing one of his songs together. The relationship between Van and Emily in this episode was interesting because she was working so hard to help him do well.


In episode 4, “Emily Dates a Henchman” the head of the team dates, well a henchman. Emily receives an invitation to her ex-boyfriend’s wedding and to help her move on, following some pretty intense Instagram stalking, Jackie suggests they go out. Emily, Wendy, and Jackie go for drinks, but Emily doesn’t see anyone she wants to even talk to. Jackie goes home and Wendy finds a guy to spend the night with leaving Emily alone. She’s let down, but the night takes a major turn when Robert Buckley arrives. See what I did there iZombie fans? Anyway, Emily and Buckley’s character hit it off, but when she leaves we see him go into a random door. Once inside he pulls open his button down to reveal a Riddler shirt and he punches a tied up man in the face. He and Emily keep spending time together, but even though everyone else realizes he’s a henchman, she has no idea. Jackie mentions she dated one and based on how many live in Charm City it’s a very common occurrence. Emily comes in the next day gushing about how her weekend will involve going to her new boyfriend’s boss’ place and the team finally tells her he’s a henchman. She is irate and plans to take him down, with her words and not her fists. The problem is that when he arrives to pick her up he isn’t alone. In proper henchman fashion he’s brought the rest of the gang with him to rob Wayne Security of these unbreakable phone cases. Dan/Reggie/Robert Buckley reveals The Riddler wants to make a tank out of them and attack Arkham Asylum, because that’s what you do as a henchman or a villain. While tied up Jackie tells Emily that she needs to just relax. Now to tie up this episode we have to jump to the side plot involving the guys and Batman.


While examining a broken impenetrable safe following a Two-Face robbery, Ron and Teddy find a batarang. Admittedly it doesn’t exactly look like a standard issue batarang, but I’ll trust them on this one. They start messing with it, which any Batman fan would, and Van notices. It turns out that he has a  grudge again the Dark Knight because while the hero was trying to save some orphans he accidentally knocked the mirror off of Van’s car way back in 2003. You’d think he’d have “In Case of Superhero” insurance, but maybe he didn’t want to file the claim. He wants to use the batarang to get Batman to come to the office. Once the GPS on it is triggered Van and Ron both get to work. Ron sets out milk and cookies on the roof and dons his Batman shirt. Even though the caped crusader doesn’t appear, Van does and he is acting very strangely. Later, through some not so clever trickery, Ron and Teddy get him to reveal he is wearing a rubber Robin suit. The three decide to go out that night and while they wait for Batman in an alley they get mugged. Before the mugger can get away he is whisked into the air and the batarang vanishes. Now back with Emily, Jackie, and the Riddler gang. Van returns to the office in his Robin outfit and the gang scatters because they think Batman is nearby. Later Ron, Teddy, and Van excitedly talk about their evening with Batman while Emily pretends to listen and then when Jackie insists that doesn’t sound real they agree they didn’t meet him. This episode was really fun and it was great to see Robert Buckley as a henchman. Someone at DC should totally segue him into one of the movies, he’d need to bring Rahul Kohli with him though.


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