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A case involving phony vacation timeshares was the focus of CBS The Inspectors episode titled “For Whom The Bell Tolls.”

As the episode opens, a family is trying to check into their hotel but are told that the company that sold them their vacation timeshare doesn’t exist.capture-pnginspectors1

The woman tells Mitch and Amanda (Terry Serpico and Jessica Lundy) about the unknown timeshare company, Timeshare Saver.  Unfortunately, she isn’t the only victim of the phony timeshare scam as Timeshare Saver has bilked twenty-two others out of their savings. With the check stubs provided, Amanda and Mitch learn that although recently started less than a year ago, Timeshare Saver has made a large amount of money in the quarter alone.  Mitch also questions Amanda about the job promotion she is up for.   Amanda hasn’t heard anything yet about the position.  Later, he also seems to have a sweet tooth as Mitch bought three different slices of cake and offers Amanda one of the slices to try to see if she likes it. He ordered tulips and asks Amanda’s favorite color.  Hmm…what is Mitch up to?


The greedy mastermind couple behind Timeshare Saver cook up another scam in order to make more money.  They decide to pose as a law firm bringing a class action suit against Timeshare Saver.  After all, they have the information of everyone who paid money to Timeshare Saver and the amount they paid.  When Mitch and Amanda learn about the law firm bringing the case against a non-existent timeshare company, the postal investigators immediately realize that their scammers are trying to double their profits. After getting the address for Swift Legal Services, Mitch and Amanda stake out the office. But the only people who enter the building are a male and female cleaning people.  However, Amanda notices from their security camera that the woman is wearing a very large diamond ring, an odd piece of jewelry to be wearing while cleaning offices. So, the culprits are apprehended.


Meanwhile, Preston, Veronica and Noah (Bret J. Green, Erica Sanchez and Harrison Knight) find that the Jamestown University bell has been stolen.  They believe rival school Livingston to be the ones responsible and begin an investigation to solve the case. Noah says they have to get the bell (That he has named Belle) back. Their research cause the trio to think that Livingston’s fraternity members took the bell but looking into the mystery further uncovers that the guilty party is an unpopular basketball player.


And Noah spots Belle in the dorm room of the guilty party.  Case solved, all’s well that ends well with Belle returned to Jamestown.

Amanda is surprised to learn that the cakes, tulips and asking her favorite color was all part of Mitch planning a surprise birthday party for her. Because he was so busy planning the party, Mitch forgot to get her a birthday present.  So as her gift, Mitch finally tells Amanda why he became a letter carrier after leaving the military.  While serving, Mitch always saw how getting mail from home was a positive experience so he wanted to be part of what brought such joy.  At the party, Georgia (Charmin Lee) hands Amanda an envelope from the head of the postal inspectors.  Amanda opens it and reads that she got the promotion.

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