@NBCPowerless “Wayne Dream Team” Reactions from @kleffnotes

Wayne Security has a brand new project that Emily has guaranteed will be done by the end of the week, but her team has other ideas. It’s Superhero Fantasy League time and everyone else wants to get their teams figured out. In an attempt to get them more focused Emily makes an almost villainous decision.

Emily tells Van that her team (Ron, Teddy, and Wendy) will have the Rumbrella, an umbrella that deflects ruble during superhero battles done by Friday. The team keeps getting distracted by their draft and Emily goes to the HR director in an attempt to block their access to the site. Instead the director takes down their access to THE ENTIRE INTERNET! Okay, they can still check LinkedIn, but that would be terrible. Instead of getting to work they try and figure out how to get the internet back. Emily tries to talk to HR about it and Ron, Teddy, and Wendy think she’s fighting to get it back and decide to get back to work. Of course her involvement gets revealed and they turn on her. To try and fix their sort of friendship she tells HR she’ll watch 24 hours worth of an anti-bullying video. She starts to crack under the pressure and the team rushes to help her after they learn the internet is back and that she’s the reason why they don’t have to watch the video. To make up for it they let her rejoin the fantasy league and they wind up wowing Van with the completed Rumbrella.


During all of this Jackie is dealing with Van and a recent company photo. He was cut out of it and he’s insistent that he needs to be added back in. Van refuses Jackie’s help and decides to photoshop himself back in. He takes a ton of different photos and winds up using one where he’s giving fingerguns. Not exactly the best decision for a company run by a man whose parents were killed by a thief with a gun. Jackie lets the other employees have a copy of the original and he gets memed. The memes they make are hilarious! This is why everyone winds up having to watch the anti-bullying video by the way. Jackie contacts the original photographer and gets Van added back in, even though it’s a super unflattering photo. Of all the characters in the show Jackie is my absolute favorite, she’s really funny and her conversations with Emily and Van always make me laugh. I would also totally want to be in a superhero fantasy league.


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