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The Nashville episode titled “Love Hurts” focused on the filming of Gunnar and Scarlett’s music video and Maddie’s growing relationship with Clayton.

This article contains spoilers so if you haven’t seen the episode “Love Hurts,” please do not continue reading.

Damien (Christian Coulson) is directing the music video for Scarlett (Clare Bowen) and Gunnar’s (Sam Palladio) song is being filmed at a fancy plantation type mansion.  The theme of the video is that Scarlett is a wild woman acting out her daydreams to the world.  Scarlett is less than happy with the dress she is wearing because it’s “More of a slip than a dress,” she says.


Meanwhile at Highway 65, Bucky (David Alford) is discussing with Rayna (Connie Britton) about the costs involved with making Scarlett and Gunnar’s music video. Rayna notices that the box with Maddie’s photo is missing from her office.  She and Bucky confront Randall (Jordan Woods-Robinson) who admits that he took it and cries that he only did so because he wanted to have it to show his mother so mom would believe that he is friends with Rayna James. Bucky questions Randall about the letters that Rayna has been receiving from a stalker and has him write “Their friends are sitting over there” as a way to not only verify his handwriting doesn’t match that of the person sending the letters but to determine if he has the same grammar issue as the person sending the letters who seemed to keep getting ‘there,’ ‘their,’ and ‘they’re’ incorrect.  Randall passes the test but is still getting fired for the theft.


The video filming continues. In character, Scarlett is drinking wine, throwing her glass over her shoulder and crawling across the table to Gunnar, who is wearing guy-liner and has super gelled hair.  Scarlett yells cut; she has trouble with her character and Damien tries to explain what he’s hoping to get through her performance.


Maddie (Lennon Stella) and Clayton (Joseph David-Jones) are getting closer and share their love for music.  Clayton tells Maddie of a bar called Jo’s.  They go there and Clayton is called onstage. He’s singing wows the crowd and causes Maddie to be more enthralled with him. The next day they go to an old parking lot and Clayton talks about The Grand Ole Orpy and how he used to be wild but got into music after going to live with his grandfather who taught him how to play the guitar. Clayton then talks about his mother’s death.  When Maddie leans in to kiss him, Clayton pulls away, reminding her that if they go further it’s illegal because she’s underage. But later, Clayton calls Maddie and she comes over to play the song she wrote. When Maddie tries to kiss him again, Clayton reminds her that them being different races could be a problem for some people.


Scarlett continues to struggle with the music video.  Damien tells her that all she needs to do is have fun with it and loosen up.  He makes her angry which gives Damien the right emotion from Scarlett he’s looking for, she even slaps Gunnar which is perfect for the scene. It’s a wrap on filming Day One and Damien and Gunnar decide to go to bar for a drink.  Gunnar asks Scarlett whether that would be okay with her and she coldly replies “Why would I care?”  At the bar, Damien questions Gunnar about Scarlett and The Exes’ relationship.


The next day of filming, Damien continues to see Scarlett is holding back in her performances, not embracing her sexuality.  Scarlett gets angry and doesn’t know why she should listen to him because he  has screwed-up views about women all being secret sexpots and believes he’s on a “spiritual journey to awaken all of them.  Damien tells Scarlett that she needs to trust that he knows what he’s doing.

Maddie goes to see Juliette (Hayden Panettiere) to ask her advice about Clayton.  Juliette tells Maddie that is Clayton isn’t treating her right, she needs to dump him.  Maddie can’t hope that she can change Clayton. Juliette learned that the hard way as she always had an attraction to screwed-up men because they are sexy.

Clayton is confronted by two white guys who want him to play “She Thinks My Tractor’s Sexy.” Then, they beat him up. Maddie finds him bloody at his place and calls 911. After the medical emergency, Maddie and Clayton talk and she learns that he’s bipolar but doesn’t like taking his medication because it messes up his singing. Deacon (Charles Esten) and Rayna question Maddie about why she was so late getting in and didn’t call.  She angrily mention that she was at the hospital with her new boyfriend but they don’t have to worry about him anymore because they broke it.  Clayton arrives and formally introduces himself to Maddie’s parents.  Maddie is thrilled.

Rayna notices Scarlett’s discomfort when she comes to see the music video being shot.  Gunnar makes pancakes at home, happy that the filming of the video is filming over.  Scarlett’s not happy that he told Damien about their past and she comments that people may view her as a weak person for taking Gunnar back after they broke up.  Gunnar assures Scarlett that she’s anything but weak.

At Highway 65, a guy arrives and demands to see Rayna. He asks whether she got his letters.  Bucky is able to push the guy out of the building. Rayna is visibly shaken.  Has her stalker finally been caught?

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