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The Nashville episode titled “Let’s Put It Back Together Again” focused on Maddie as she got to learn the difficulties of working in the recording business as an intern.

This article contains spoilers so if you haven’t seen the episode “Let’s Put It Back Together Again,” please do not continue reading.

As the episode opens, Juliette (Hayden Pantierre) is listening to music demos and tells Avery that Glenn is hoping to get her back into recording new music. When Avery leaves for work, Juliette looks on Facebook for information on Hallie and Googles her address.


Maddie (Lennon Stella) begins an internship at the recording studio where Avery and Deacon (Charles Esten) are working with Ashley Willerman (Brigit Mendler), a You Tube star on her first album. Ashley is very difficult to work with.  She shows up at the recording studio with a huge hangover and asks intern Maddie to go back her up some coffee.

While getting the coffee, Maddie sees a cute, talented musician named Clayton (Joseph David-Jones), who helps her when she spills one of the cups of coffee.  She tells him her name and where she works and smiles as she walks back to the recording studio.  Clayton later shows up to return Maddie’s journal book of lyrics that she mistakenly left at the coffee shop.  Clayton gives her one of his CDs, since Maddie admired his singing earlier. Avery is having a tough time getting a decent sound out of Ashley as he produces her album. “What’s that thing she’s doing with her voice?” Deacon asks. “It’s like what Britney Spears used to do,” Avery answers. “It sounds like she’s choking,” Deacon observes.  “Let’s get rid of it,” Avery agrees. Which is easier said than done as Ashley calls her singing “emotion” and loves her sound.  She’s starving and asks Maddie for menus but unfortunately there’s no vegan menu.  Ashley orders Maddie to find her one.images

Meanwhile at Highway 65, Rayna and Bucky (Connie Britton and David Alford) are talking with Scarlett and Gunnar (Claire Bowen and Sam Palladio) about doing a music video to promote their album. Social Media Marketing Manager Randall (Jordan Woods-Robinson) suggests they stop by his cubicle before they leave and he’ll give them so ideas.

Juliette comes to Hallie’s house.  Hallie is happy to see Juliette and gives her a hug.  She explains that she didn’t use Juliette’s number that her pastor gave her because she felt embarrassed that it was from Juliette Barnes. Juliette thanks Hallie from saving her life while Hallie assures that Juliette’s toe wiggle cold lead to a miracle. When Juliette sees that Hallie is having trouble getting her old car started, she buys Hallie a very expensive SUV, which Hallie feels uncomfortable accepting.  Juliette tries to convince Hallie it’s a small token, not anywhere near what Hallie did to save her life. Juliette tells Avery about her stupid move by giving Hallie the car. Later, Juliette gets back into singing.

Back at the recording studio, Ashley is continuing to sing to her own tune.  Avery decides to have a talk with her.  He tells Ashley that she is recording in a studio once used by Joni Mitchell and Bob Dylan and tries to get her to see that she could be an influence in the music industry if she creates her own sound.  But when Ashley doesn’t listen to him, Avery walks out since it’s obvious that she doesn’t want a music producer.


Maddie has lunch with Clayton, who tells her about his mom’s addictions and death and asks whether he can see her again.  Maddie loses it when Ashley berates her for getting a whip cream latte and calls Ashley a bitch.  Maddie gets fired. Later at home, Maddie asks Daphne whether Maddie’s turning into a bitch. What do you think Maddie? And when Rayna reminds her daughter how much she hurt her dad with the things she said in court during her Emancipation hearing, Maddie finally apologizes to Deacon. Her father advises her to apologize to Ashley if she wants to get her job back.  Maddie later apologizes to Ashley and the two exchange a fist bump. As the episode concludes, creepy Randall steals a trinket box with Maddie picture off Rayna’s desk at Highway 65.


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