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How are these faring with the residents of Nashville in Episode 2 “Back in Baby’s Arms?”

Officially back together, Scarlett (Clare Bowen) and Gunnar (Sam Palladio) are in bed and hear the constant ringing of Gunnar’s cellphone.  Scarlett picks it up and is not too happy to see that Autumn has been the one calling.  Gunnar assures Scarlett that he’s hasn’t answered Autumn’s calls because he and Scarlett are together again and anything that happened with Autumn is the past.

Rayna (Connie Britton) returns home and as the girls are out, she and Deacon (Charles Esten) have couple alone time.  Although she had been lost as far as her music goes, Rayna tells Deacon that the trip helped put things back into focus for her.  She wants them to record an album together about their love story.

Will (Chris Cormack) and Kevin (Kyle Dean Massey) are having dinner at a restaurant to celebrate Will’s birthday.  A waiter brings over a slice of chocolate cake with birthday wishes and compliments of the restaurant.  Jakob (Murray Bartlett), a well-known clothing designer, comes over and greets Will (actually flirts with him) and doesn’t seem to care how Kevin feels about it.  Jakob would love if Will came to see one of his shows.

At Highway 65, Rayna is meeting with Scarlett and Gunnar and talking about their album and promotion for the single “All of Me.” Gunnar is very happy to hear this as “All of Me” is one of his favorites but Scarlett is not, especially after going home and listening to the song in which lyrics are about a girl with golden eyes when Scarlett’s are blue.  Who is Gunnar singing about? Scarlett wonders.

While playing a sold out show at a bar, Will gets hit on by the young guys in the audience much to Kevin’s discomfort.  They talk about Will going to Jakob’s show and Kevin assures that he doesn’t mind because he trusts Will.

Rayna tells Bucky about her idea for an album with Deacon chronicling their romance but Bucky doesn’t think it’s a good idea. While coming back home, she gets a telephone call from Zach Wells.  He will be in Nashville in a few weeks and would love to meet with her about the country music industry. When she arrives home, Rayna again talks about the album but this time Deacon admits that he really prefers not to do it.  Last year was one of the most difficult in his life and reliving it through song is not something he’d want to do.


He later goes to visit Scarlett. She talks about her relationship with Gunnar and worries that she inherited her mother’s trait for messing things up.  Scarlett also tells Deacon that she thinks the album with Rayna is a great idea and he should do it.

Juliette (Hayden Pantierre) is having a tough time on the road to recovery.  She fears that she will be in a wheelchair for the rest of her and can’t take care of her daughter. Avery (Jonathan Jackson) is supportive and tries to reassure her.  Juliette decides that she’s going to see the woman who saved her life the night of the plane crash and thank her in person.

Avery comes to pick up his things from Gunnar’s as he’s going to be staying with Juliette while she continues on her recovery.  After he leaves, Scarlett questions Gunnar about “All of Me’s” girl with the golden eyes. Didn’t Zoey have golden eyes? Gunnar can’t believe that Scarlett is making such a huge deal over a little song.

Rayna meets Randall, Highway 65’s new social media manager who seems to be obsessed with her. Deacon drops by and tells Rayna that he is working with Avery on with an artist named Ashley Willerman.  Rayna would rather he work with her on their album.  Deacon tells Rayna that he hasn’t entirely decided not to do the album with her. And later when Rayna finds him writing a song for the album, they have a tiff as he reminds that he’s only doing it because she keeps badgering him about it.

At Jackob’s show, Will has to tell Jakob he’s seeing someone and that he’s not interested when Jakob tries to kiss him.

Scarlett says that singing “All of Me” is a reminder of the women like Zoey and Autumn that Gunnar has hooked up with.  The next day, she asks Deacon’s advice.  Deacon tells Scarlett that it was just a fight that she and Gunnar had and she shouldn’t read too much into it.  Will talks with Gunnar about the almost kiss with Jakob.  Gunnar warns him not to tell Kevin about it.

Juliette goes to the church where her angel of mercy who saved her life sings. The pastor comes outside and will only tell Juliette that the woman’s name is Hallie and she is a member of the congregation.  But Hallie is very private. The pastor does take Juliette’s phone to give to Hallie and also tells Juliette that God has great things planned for her. All she has to do is ask him.

Scarlett takes Deacon’s advice and makes up with Gunnar and they go to a radio station and perform “All of Me.”

Will gives Kevin a new suit and tells him that he thinks they should move in together.

Rayna comes home to find a vase of flowers.  She finds Deacon and apologizes if she pressured him into doing the album. He’s had a change of heart about the album. Rayna thanks Deacon for the flowers.  He’s confused because he didn’t send her any flowers.  Meanwhile, someone sits in a car across the street watching Rayna.

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