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The Nashville episode titled “Leap of Faith” focused on Juliette’s continued struggle to regain the ability to walk again.

This article contains spoilers so if you haven’t seen the episode “Leap of Faith,” please do not continue reading.

The episode opens with Juliette (Hayden Panettiere) doing her physical therapy. Despite the pain, she tells her physical therapist “I can take it.”  Avery continues to be the supportive husband, even making her a sandwich and taking the time to cut the crust off the bread. Juliette wants to work on a special apparatus that will help her to walk again.  She getting extremely impatient with her slow progress and will do whatever it takes to regain the use of her legs.  However, this determination may be her downfall as the apparatus is intended to be use by those patients who have exhibited more advance progress then she has. But she is Juliette Barnes, nothing will hold her back and no one will stop her from doing something which she has set her mind on doing!  Juliette, you really shouldn’t be throwing away your medication though.

The following day, Juliette is at the clinic and strapped in the apparatus.  Unfortunately, she experiences Post Traumatic Stress and flashes back to the plane crash.  This leads to a panic attack in which she has difficulty breathing. Juliette’s physical therapist tells her that her mind is trying to protect her body from the trauma and telling her that there may be some things that she not ready to do yet and should take it slow. “Your soul needs to heal too,” the physical therapist reminds.


Later at home, Juliette falls out of her wheelchair while trying to go to the bathroom and refuses Avery’s help. He questions her about Juliette not taking her pills.  Juliette tells him that she refuses to develop another addiction to pills. Avery is frustrated that Juliette won’t let him help her; she pushes people away and have done so since they’ve met.  Juliette goes off to church to pray. She asks God why she was the only one to survive the plane crash. She cries but also has an emotional release.  When Juliette returns home, she apologizes to Avery for the way she’s been acting and tells him how hard it is for her to feel helpless and like a burden. They make up but aren’t ready for an intimate relationship yet.


Meanwhile since Will (Chris Cormack) had suggested that they move in together, Kevin (Kyle Dean Massey) has gone apartment hunting. When Will goes to look at the apartment which has a killer view, he tells the realtor that the place is just not him.  But it obvious that the realtor is flirting with Will when he says things like “Look at this bed, come check out how comfortable it is” and “I live in the building so I’m always available. I’d love to have you in the building.” Will later lies to Kevin that he submitted the application for the apartment.

Rayna (Connie Britton) and Bucky (David Alford) are watching videos and talking about how they wish Highway 65 had the resources to hire a director to produce one for Gunnar(Sam Palladio) and Scarlett (Clare Bowen). Rayna thanks creepy Randall for the work he did on the website for Gunnar and Scarlett. Zach Wells (Cameron Zoggins) is in town and goes with Rayna to see Gunnar and Scarlett perform at The Bluebird.  He talks with Deacon and tells Claybourne how he feels like he knows him because of his songs. I don’t know who’s creepier, Zach or Randall, they both seem to be taking an unhealthy interest in Rayna’s life. The next day, Zach suggests that he and Rayna work together.  He tells Rayna that he knows she needs the financial help and proposes a deal: He’ll pay her an annual sum of money in exchange for twenty percent of the company. Zach tells Rayna she’ll still have the final say in all of the decisions, but would need to consult with him and consider his advice, plus she’ll be able to terminate the contract if she gives him ninety days’ notice.  Rayna finds it interesting but when she talks to Deacon about Zach, her husband says he doesn’t trust Wells.


When she returns home, Rayna gets a rose petal filled envelope with a letter that is several pages long.  The letter starts:

Dear Rayna,

After so many years of waiting, I am here. I have finally gained the strength to reach out to you. You cannot begin to imagine my happiness! I have made it! There are no words to express it. I love you and I have loved you since the day I was born.

Okay, Rayna should really begin to panic- this sound like an obsessed, crazy fan. We know the candidates are Zach and Randall but she doesn’t. Rayna jumps when the phone rings.  It is Zach.  He tells her that he found someone to direct The Exes music video but Rayna reminds that she hasn’t decided to work with him yet.  My advice Rayna, JUST SAY NO! After talking with Bucky about Zach, Rayna has her lawyer review the contract.  It looks good, straightforward with no hidden clauses.  But I repeat JUST SAY NO!

Kevin learns that Will lied about the apartment when he finds the contract in the trash. Will talks about needing space. Hey Will, you were the one who wanted to move in together, remember? Kevin tosses Will’s clothes out on the front porch. They are over.  So sad, I liked Will and Kevin as a couple.


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