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When you pay for goods or services and the person and/or company doesn’t deliver, it’s called Failure to Render. CBS’s The Inspectors touched on this scam in the episode titled “Wedding Bell Blues.”

As the episode opens, bride-to-be Madison (Andrea Laing) is on the phone talking about her upcoming wedding.  She learns that the money she paid Wedded Bliss Planners was never received.  In fact, the name Wedded Bliss Planners is unknown.  What is Madison going to do?


Madison meets with Amanda (Jessica Lundy) and Mitch (Terry Serpico) and tells them how she paid Wedding Bliss Planners $9,000.  Amanda explains to Madison about the Failure to Render crime.  Although they can’t guarantee that they’ll get her money back, Amanda promises Madison that they will try to stop this scammer so what happened to Madison will never happen to anyone else.


After Madison leaves, Amanda talks with Georgia (Charmin Lee) about whether Amanda should go out with Jamestown professor Dr. Price (Robert Pralgo). Georgia encourages the date, but Amanda isn’t sure as it hasn’t been long since the death of her husband and she’s not ready to start dating again. Meanwhile, Preston (Bret Green) is at the University Grill with Veronica (Erica Marie Sanchez) and Noah (Harrison Knight) and is telling them about his mom dating Dr. Price.  Noah has Dr. Price for Chemistry and likes him, Price’s class is the only one he doesn’t fall asleep in.  Later that day, Noah invites Preston and Veronica to Dr. Price’s Chemistry class. The professor is discussing how pennies used to be made from copper.  Preston criticizes Dr. Price’s lame jokes and his pleated pants; it’s obvious he’s not comfortable with his mother dating again.


Janis (Elizabeth Bond), fake wedding planner of Wedded Bliss Planner, smiles at a check she received from another scammed bride-to-be. Amanda and Mitch have decided to pose as an engaged couple planning their wedding.  Mitch takes his role as pretend groom-to-be a little too seriously, debating Amanda on having fish served at the rehearsal dinner. Amanda calls Janis on the pretext of wanting to hire Wedded Bliss Planners for her upcoming Spring wedding. Janis tells Amanda after checking her calendar, (her bank statement of extreme high balances) that Spring is a very busy time and they’re booked.

Amanda has decided to go on a date with Dr. Price.  Preston admits to his mother that it’s weird for him the idea of her dating again.  But after Veronica reminds Preston that it’s not about him, he goes back to Amanda and this time, talks about what a great guy Dr. Price is. Later, Veronica is helping Amanda with her makeup for her date with Dr. Price.  And Noah gives Mrs. Wainwright a small brown paper bag a/k/a “a doggy bag” to put the leftovers she’s going to bring back from her dinner date. I love Noah’s priorities!


On Amanda’s date with Dr. Price, he seems interested in hearing about her career as a Postal Investigator. Meanwhile, Janis receives a call from a creditor.  Since she owes $50,000, Janis calls Amanda, interrupting her date with Dr. Price, and tells her that space opened up so now Wedding Bliss Planning can handle her wedding.  Amanda arranges to meet with Janis at the University Grill. Amanda makes her apologies to Dr. Price and ends the date. She gets wired for the meeting, which Mitch joins. Janis shows the couple all Wedding Bliss Planning has to offer and tells them she’ll need a $10,000 deposit. Amanda accepts but asks Janis whether she can mail her a check because she’s all out.


Amanda returns home to find Preston waiting up for her and after telling him that she and Dr. Price have decided to just be friends, tearfully removes her wedding ring.

The episodes concludes with Janis being arrested.  Amanda tells Madison not to focus on the past but instead looks towards the future and planning her wedding again. Mitch again gets into the debate of serving fish.

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