#AshVsEvilDead Season One Part Two Review from @ImmieBroods

Oh, you’re back for more? Cool, let’s get on with the second part to my review of Ash vs Evil Dead season one.

It starts exactly where it left off, Amanda handcuffed to a pipe as Deadite Lionel wakes up and sees her. He pins her against the wall and is about to kill her when Lucy Lawless appears. She’s calm and relaxed as she deals with Deadite Lionel. She manages to pin him to a bookshelf with a broken piece of wood. She introduces herself to Amanda as her “new best friend”

The three heroes (Ash, Pablo, and Kelly) are driving along a country road on their way to see Pablo’s uncle. Kelly is in the backseat and doesn’t feel well. Somewhere in the forest, evil is roaming about and it sees Ash with his trailer attached, driving along a road. The dashboard in his car starts to malfunction as he looks in the side view mirror. He announces, “We got a drafter.” This is the first time we get to see what this lurking evil looks like. It’s never seen in any of the films or in the remake, but they went ahead and showed it here.

Turns out there’s a secret button to apply nitrous to the car and they speed away from the evil. Unfortunately, the car is still an antique and there’s a trailer attached so they really don’t get very far. They manage to make it to Pablo’s uncle’s house. It’s a rural area with wardens to stop the evil from entering.

Back at the bookshop, Amanda is talking to Lucy Lawless’ character, who still hasn’t told her what her name is (it’s Ruby), but she does tell Amanda about her story. It sounds so much like Ash’s story, but with her family being slaughtered by Ash. Amanda believes this, instantly. Before Ruby kills Deadite Lionel he laughs at her with the words “we know who you are” Ruby is definitely hiding something, but wants to gain Amanda’s trust first so she deals with him. He’s dead as they leave the bookshop.

Pablo’s uncle who is referred to as Brujo greets Ash, who turns up with Kelly and Pablo. Ash gets closer to Brujo as he is read by him, the light is dim but it flickers. Brujo offers to put Ash on a spiritual journey which Ash sees as a drug fueled trip because of the drink he is given.

Pablo takes Kelly to the trailer as she’s looking at the various statues that are screaming at her. Pablo is wearing a glove, he’s building Ash a new hand and he’s excited with all the components he has found.

Ruby and Amanda go to Ruby’s car as she sees Ash’s hand from when he cut it off in Evil Dead 2. It works as a supernatural GPS system because it wants to find its original owner, isn’t that sweet and sentimental? It twitches and points in the direction of Ash. Back with our hero, Ash takes the drink and passes out. There’s a hilarious montage of the 80’s happening in his brain as well as his memories of the cabin in the woods. The Brujo’s words can be heard like a spirit guide. He learns to conquer his fears and he’s having a vision of Jacksonville FL, it’s his spiritual center. Back in the trailer, Kelly is fully possessed by Eligos as Pablo just sees Kelly. She looks in the mirror to see Eligos looking back at her. Pablo asks for help with the electrical equipment and Kelly twists the plug so that Pablo gets electrocuted. Back in Ash’s vision quest, he encounters Eligos and starts to overpower it, not realising that he’s actually choking Kelly. Brujo and Pablo come to help as Kelly’s eyes turn black.

The next episode has Ash tied up with a cloth tied to his mouth, he can’t speak but he continues to do so. It’s funny to see him give commentary to a conversation between Kelly, Pablo and Brujo. Pablo goes to the trailer as Kelly is already there, she smokes that magical herb again and asks Pablo to join. She’s smoking it through a shotgun as Pablo stalls her with kindness. He’s about to take a hit as he doesn’t notice that Kelly has put a shotgun shell in the gun. He stalls again and as he turns he sees her demon face. Ash is in the barn as the cloth over his mouth becomes loose and he tells Brujo that Kelly is possessed. The guys manage to overpower her and tie her up. They try all sorts of things to expel Eligos, nothing works and it gets really awkward. Pablo talks with Brujo outside as Ash talks to Kelly, Pablo goes back in to offer himself to Eligos.

Eligos exits Kelly through her mouth as Ash remembers what he learnt on his vision quest “shoot first, think never” Ash tries to deal with Eligos who throws Brujo onto a wooden spike, killing him. Ash tries something and manages to kill Eligos. Pablo does a fire burial or is it a cremation for Brujo? Brujo’s necklace flies out as Pablo grabs it and they head off the land as everything starts to burn behind him. Inside the trailer, Pablo introduces Ash to the mechanical hand which Ash uses to flip up his middle finger. So mature of him. They set off down a long road to the next stop.

Amanda and Ruby make it to the house where Brujo’s skeleton leaps out of the fire. Amanda watches as Ruby fights with the skeleton. They both end up in the fire, leaving Amanda to drive off looking for Ash.The trio stops in a roadside diner where they get some food. Ash stays in the diner while Kelly and Pablo are talking about the evil and how to deal with it. Ash approaches his old friend Lem talking about militia in the forest. Ash hits on the waitress serving him while her husband is cooking in the kitchen and the lines get cheesy, but it is very funny to see.

He goes to the bathroom to freshen up and as he turns he sees Amanda with a gun, ready to arrest him. They get into a fight where she flings him into a long urinal, face into urine water, nice. In the trailer, they open the chest to see the Necronomicon jump at Pablo’s uncle’s necklace. Back in the diner, Amanda is escorting Ash out of the bathroom. Her boss turns up as a howling wind is heard. The evil hits the diner as Ash tries to fight it. When things look bad, Kelly and Pablo turn up with a chainsaw and a shotgun. Pablo throws the chainsaw that clicks onto Ash’s right hand while Kelly throws the shotgun into his left hand.

He delivers a one liner to Amanda as he deals with her Deadite boss. The waitress Deadite is shot by Pablo, but Kelly drags her into the kitchen. There’s a meat slicer and a hammer and she uses both. Ash and Pablo look through the kitchen door windows to see her and say “I think she needed that.” Outside, Amanda asks to join, Ash accepts, but his mind is drifting off as he answers a question he thought he heard. They look awkwardly towards each other and he tells her to join their fight. Lem, Ash’s friend, is in the forest and he’s being chased by the evil. It catches up to him and possesses him, he goes back to the militia, exactly where Ash and his team are headed

That was three episodes condensed in this second part of my review for Ash vs Evil Dead. You can find me on Twitter with the handle @immiebroods if you wish to discuss this show and your thoughts on it.

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