Kidpire TV Network Created by Kimberly Jesica from @kleffnotes

Kimberly Jesica has created a digital channel, Kidpire TV Network, which focuses on multicultural content that connects to underrepresented minority populations, with a strong focus on Hispanic representation. There is also a version of the channel that presents her original content in Spanish, Red De La TV De Kidpire. Currently the most prominent show on the channel is Beautiful Danger, a supernaturally inspired animated series.

Beautiful Danger is set after an ancient war that has destroyed civilized society and left two warring factions, the Shape-shifters and the Sorcerers, to make peace in order to rebuild. They each disarm by having the head of each family contain their powers in a mystical crystal ball known as a Vortex. These negotiations for peace lead to the creation of a school within the very castle that the factions met. In order to ensure neutrality the group known as Pixies run the newly formed Dark Oak Academy. The story focuses on seven students who are attending the Academy in the future and are anxiously waiting for Prom. Brooke acts as the primary antagonist and is often at odds with Kimberly, who will not put up with her bullying tactics. Tensions grow between our heroes, Kimberly, Tyler, Amber, Stefan, Chloe, and Henry, and the dangerous Brooke and her goons.

Another series will be premiering on Kidpire titled The League of Super Heroines that will focus on eight powerful girls who learn that they have heroic abilities during their senior year of high school. There are two teams of four girls, The League of Super Heroines and The League of Super Vixens. This animated series includes a number of characters from diverse backgrounds in order to promote the inclusion of more female heroes of color within superhero universes. These characters will also appear in doll form with a release estimated to occur either sometime this year or in 2018. Jesica is also promoting her channel throughout Southern California and she has a number of plans for growing her channel in the future.

You can watch Kidpire TV on Roku and Amazon.

You can find more information about her and her projects on her Amazon Author Page and on their Kidpire TV Facebook.


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