#AshVsEvilDead Season One Part Three Review from @ImmieBroods

Hello again, I’m back for possibly the third and final act of my review of Ash vs Evil Dead.

Our heroes are walking through the forest as they find bloodied bodies. Did I forget to mention that there is a lot of blood used in this show? I’ll get back to that later.

Let’s power through with this review. They’re walking through the forest, our three heroes and the newly joined up Amanda tagging along. So green, so picturesque, but the sound of banjos are heard. They’re trying to convince Ash to let them join him because he wants to go back to the cabin where it all started. They’re going to go see the militia to get weapons to deal with the Deadites.

They see bodies torn apart and try to help a survivor who would rather die. The militia appears and they get taken into a small warehouse where the militia talks about the government messing with their water supply. Deadite Lem is running about outside as Kelly antagonizes the Deadite, she isn’t scared anymore. Parents dead, already been possessed, she wants payback or closure for what she’s been through. One of the militia members recognizes Amanda from when he was arrested so they become more paranoid about what happened to Lem. The door opens and one of them goes to check it, only to be grabbed by Lem and hauled to a supply shack that looks like a modern day crypt to me.

Pablo and Kelly run away as Ash and Amanda are handcuffed together and sent into the crypt to deal with Deadite Lem. In the crypt, Amanda is apologizing to Ash as she explains more about Ruby. A scene from the ashes at Brujo’s house is shown as Ruby rises from the ashes. Amanda is still talking about Ruby being a normal person. They are interrupted by Lem, who is screaming in the farther away in the crypt.

Pablo and Kelly set a trap in the forest to get a weapon, but there’s more militia members. Kelly is put in the back of a pickup truck, while Pablo is handcuffed in the front. The evil spreads to a soldier in a gas mask who kills his friends and tries to go for Kelly. She’s tied up, but Pablo grabs the keys and starts the truck. A Deadite hangs on to the back as Pablo reverses into a tree. The gas mask of soldier fills up with blood. Pablo pops out and cuts Kelly loose. She has a plan that involves the Deadite’s mask. Pablo goes for the gas mask as the Deadite springs to life and grabs him. He’s slipping and sliding in the blood in a really funny way. Kelly grabs the nearest gun and shoots the Deadite, but the power of the gun knocks her off her feet. Pablo tries to duck as she tries to uses the gun again. Pablo freaks out and keeps hitting the soldier as Kelly tells him to stop.

Back in the crypt, Lem is running around as Ash and Amanda try to figure out how to escape. The only problem is the mass amount of propane tanks lying around so nothing too fiery. They try something different and Amanda delivers the killing blow to Lem, the flow of it all is unexpected and cool to watch. Outside, Pablo and Kelly arrive to deal with the militia and Ash and Amanda are saved. They upgrade their weapons while the militia members are all tied up. The remaining militia screams as a Deadite appears, only to be shot by Ash’s team. The militia members realize that they’re on the same side as Ash and are let go. The team is walking towards the car as Ash stays back. They turn to see Ash gone. It ends with his original hand walking towards the cabin.

In the next episode, Ash has made it to the cabin, alone. Based on past experiences, he doesn’t want his new friends to die. Amanda follows him and they meet up and walk through the cabin while Ash begins hearing voices. The entire tone of the episode is eerie and creepy. Pablo and Kelly are in the forest as night falls. They bump into three hitchhikers, two girls and a guy. There’s a mixed signal with both sides because they have weapons, but the situation is easily dealt with.

Ash goes to the old tool shed as his dead girlfriend appears, well just her head that’s in a vice on the table. The evil locks him in there with her as she plays mind games with him, yes, that was an accidental pun. Ash fights his way out of the tool shed. Ash turns up in the cabin and asks Amanda to run away with him. She realizes that he isn’t Ash, that’s the original hand that has grown evil Ash. There’s a fight and he kills her. Good Ash finds her dead in the cabin as he finds Evil Ash and they fight. Pablo and Kelly burst in and don’t know which Ash to shoot.

Next episode, powering onwards! Pablo and Kelly hear both Ashes claiming to be the good Ash, they realize which one is the bad one and shoot him. They’re interrupted by the hitchhikers as Ash tells them to go away. They converse together as Ash tells Pablo and Kelly to deal with the hitchhikers. Ash is in the cabin, using his chainsaw to tear up Evil Ash. The blood pours away and onto the book. The book starts to talk to him, telling him not to bury the book. The book is really bargaining with Ash, a fun conversation happens between those two. He goes to cut Amanda, but she’s gone.

Pablo and Kelly hear a rustling and they shoot first, killing a raccoon. The guy and his girlfriend (hitchhikers) talk about forestry as a hole appears in the girlfriend’s gut, Deadite Amanda has joined the group. She manages to kill the guy and uses the lifeless bodies to do a puppet show, making fun of Pablo and Kelly. They open fire, but Amanda uses the dead bodies as a shield. The third hitchhiker is thrown across the ground and into a tree.

Amanda grabs Pablo who tries to save the girl. Ruby turns up to deal with Amanda and springs into action. She was Xena and she’s still got the moves. The final hitchhiker wakes up with a pretty graphic broken leg and she’s a natural scream queen, this allows Amanda to escape. Ruby talks about her side of the story as they make their way to the cabin. There’s a fun introduction between Ash and Ruby, they bicker like children. They talk in the cabin as Ash cuts the face off the book and presents the book to Ruby. The face attaches itself to Pablo’s face as Ruby reads from the book. Ash tries to fight Ruby to stop her from chanting as she yells “I wrote this book” yep, she’s one of the Dark Ones.

Final episode has book face Pablo in the cellar with Ruby, she is reading from the book and he’s giving birth to Deadites from his mouth. Ash fights Deadite Amanda and that gets gory. After this, he goes into the cellar to help Pablo as he trips up into a flashback or alternative reality that Ruby offers him. Kelly asks for the final hiker’s name, it’s Heather. They stay away from the cellar but the cabin itself has becomes flesh. Heather has rusty nails thrown at her as she is killed by the couch, must have been really hungry. Kelly is locked out but finally opens the front door as a large wave of blood pushes her off her feet onto the ground. She sees Heather’s head next to her, talking to her. She picks up the head and kicks it away like a football, classy.

Kelly sets fire to the cabin as it stops being a nuisance. She goes downstairs to help Pablo and Ash grabs the dagger Ruby uses and turns it against her. She bargains with him because he sees Pablo in pain. He takes the deal and the team drives off to Jacksonville, Florida. He’s happy while Pablo and Kelly are in the back of the car wondering why he did that. As they’re driving off, a sinkhole appears behind them. Ash plays some AC/DC to cheer up his two friends and laughs.

I left out a few scenes because you need to see it to believe it, it’s pretty gory and fun. Ash delivers his cheesy one liners and makes it look fun yet awkward at the same time. It’s worth looking into this show because there’s an even funnier second season. The characters are really fleshed out, yes, I saw the pun as I was writing it.

You can find me on Twitter with the handle @immiebroods if you wish to discuss this show and your thoughts on it. Thank you for reading this three part review/recap. It really is a good show to get invested into, just a lot of fun and coolness throughout.

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