Here is Wisdom, Catching Up on #Damien @DamienAETV via @quietlikeastorm

Here are my reactions to episode eight, Here is Wisdom and episode nine, The Devil You Know. I’m glad to finally be caught up so I can enjoy tonight’s finale and give it my full attention. Watch out for that review later this week.

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What has #Damien been up to? @DamienAETV via @quietlikeastorm

I know, I know. It’s been awhile since I’ve updated any on Damien. That’s because real life got in the way with illness and work. Boo hiss. Now it’s almost the finale and I need to play catch up-fast! So here is my review of episodes six and seven. Tomorrow will be episodes eight and nine. Enjoy beasties.

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Introducing Lucille? #TWD Finale @WalkingDead_AMC via @quietlikeastorm #TheWalkingDead #TWDFinale

Anyone who has read or even not read the comics by now knows that Lucille is coming. That Lucille goes with Negan and with our finale coming up in such a short time I thought I would go over the possibilities of what is going to maybe happen. Join me for all the possible spoilers!

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#Damien is better and scarier in A Second Death-Review of @DamienAETV via @quietlikeastorm

The second episode of Glen Mazzara’s Damien premiered this past Monday and it showed that this series is just getting started with the drama, the murder and the impending sense of doom that follows Damien Thorn wherever he goes. Where last episode had a more passive Damien, this time he is thrown into the thick of things and has to react to everything going on around him. Continue reading “#Damien is better and scarier in A Second Death-Review of @DamienAETV via @quietlikeastorm”