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I know this number and it is 666! Last weeks episode of Damien really hit it out of the ball park in terms of horror, character development and moving the plot forward. Read on for my recap and review of this great new series. Also spoilers.

This fourth episode starts out strongly with Simone in the bath. Somehow the show was able to refrain from showing too much of her off, thankfully, and instead turns this possibly erotic moment into something creepy. Simone realizes there is something wrong with the drain and when she pulls some debris out she is horrified to realize it’s a dead bird. A fetus one (duck?) and the theme of innocence clashing with dark forces has begun. Poor Simone just can’t catch a break. It’s all rather fowl.

I have to thank @kleffnotes for that pun. She’s amazing, go follow her on twitter.

Turning away from that theme for a moment we go back to John and Ann. They are having a meeting and decide that they need to work together for their mutual goal of making Damien into the Antichrist they always dreamed about. Yet for all their talk of being old friends and cooperation, I feel both of them are lying through their teeth. There is no way that John doesn’t suspect Ann of killing the man on the very same day he had put her in her place. There is no way that Ann thinks Jon capable of doing this as only her way can be the ‘right’ way. There is going to be some leadership changes coming up soon and I have no clue what it will do to Damien in the process, but I can’t wait to find out.

We also get more of Detective Shay. His hate boner for Damien has seemingly intensified after he was attacked by a dog during the last episode. His arm is pretty chewed up, but he is otherwise alright and he was able to kill the dog. Poor little hellhound! He was just doing his job. He arrests Damien and takes him into questioning. There he absolutely puts the screws to him and doesn’t let up, trying his hardest to get Damien to crack and admit to the murders.


Of course Damien doesn’t as he is innocent. He didn’t murder those people. Not directly anyways. Whether or not he can control those dark forces that cause ‘accidents’ is yet to be seen. Damien himself isn’t even fully aware of how much he affects these powers. I can understand killing off someone who is a threat to Damien, but what about Kelly? She seemed like no threat at all and was on the same level as Amani to Damien.

The detective doesn’t take this lightly that Damien won’t confess, but has to let him go. Damien does tell him that he should look into Ann Rutledge because she has some serious issues and is stalking him. Shay jumps at the lead.

We also have Amani and Simone disagreeing on whether or not they should continue this investigation of what Kelly was looking into. We then see a great scene of Amani sticking it to his old boss and meeting a hot blonde. They go drinking together and get to know one another. He even tries and fails to get her a cab in the most adorable way. This would all be great if the blonde wasn’t Ann Rutledge’s assistant. Seems they are keeping tabs on more than just Damien. Watch out Amani!

There is also the impressive scene that Simone walks into when she goes back to her apartment and there is a voodoo/witch doctor/something like that ceremony going on. The poor chicken doesn’t make it. This show really hates birds. It does reveal in some cool blue flames the numbers 666, at least Simone knows what she’s dealing with now, even though she’s still not sure if it’s her sister sending the messages or who this 666 is about.

I’m really liking that all the supporting characters are getting their own story lines that while connect to Damien, as all things seem to in this show, are their own to deal with. It takes some smart writing to be able to pull that off and so far it’s been done nicely.


We go back to Detective Shay and he is interrogating Ann Rutledge. She is able to again twist everything around. This time blaming Damien himself, not for the murders but telling Shay how unstable he is and about an incident that happened at one of his boarding schools. I’m not sure what her end game with this is other than to maybe have Damien deemed insane and for her to swoop in and be his legal caretaker.

Shay also asks to see the shrine Damien had told him about and Ann laughs it off but shows Shay her panic room. We’re left in the dark for a minute as they walk down there and I was really wondering if Ann was going to try and off the detective. Instead she turns on the lights and the place looks like a normal wine cellar. Where did all the creepy go? I’m not sure, but Shay buys it and Ann is off the hook. Not Damien though as he is brought in again.

This time Shay is really trying to get Damien to confess he even shows him where the dog attacked him and through some very illegal interrogation means tries to get Damien to fight him. He even threatens to eventually kill him which I found shocking as Shay is supposed to be the good guy here. It doesn’t work, but Damien finally calls the mans bluff. We finally see a bit of that dark side the show has only hinted about before. Damien tells Shay that he doesn’t have anything and that he isn’t intimidated by his act. To go ahead and try and shoot him, it won’t work. Strange things happen around him and the gun won’t go off or will explode in his hand. This seems to make Shay back off.

While Damien is leaving though we see an old man stab himself in the genitals and of course no one but Damien notices at first. He tries to stop the man, but its too late. He dies whispering about the beast and Damien is arrested. Personally I think the dark forces that made this happen were inspired by Shay and that’s why they went for the dick, because he is one. Still made me shudder. This show doesn’t pull punches or wear cups.

We also get a great scene of Damien and Simone together. She goes to see him and they talk about Kelly. She says that they would have been great together, that Kelly really loved him. Damien mournfully admits that he knows and I wonder if love isn’t the reason why he pushed her away. It makes me sad that this innocent love came to such a dark end. I was glad to see these two get some screen time together. They hadn’t since the funeral really and I was wondering when their paths would start to converge again.


The last scene is the best as we are introduced to Shay’s home life. We find out in the best no big deal way that he’s gay and he and his husband have a son together. They are being very domestic making breakfast when the boy disappears into the backyard. There is one of the hellhounds and in the same fashion that the nanny in the original Omen movie hung herself, the boy is compelled to throw himself into the pool.

Shay realizes something is wrong when the boy doesn’t come when called for breakfast and sees the pool cover moving. He rushes out and jumps into the pool and saves his boy. Before he can get out though he gets the most serious of warnings by a freaky face that stretches the pool cover. Was it Damien’s face? The devil’s face? Another’s face? I couldn’t tell, but it freaked me out. They are able to resuscitate the boy and an aggravated hellhound slinks off.

Overall I really liked this episode. It really set into motion the rest of the season now that we have everyone introduced. Will Amani be killed for being too close to Damien? Will Simone figure out what Damien is and if so what will she do about it? Will Kelly be able to haunt more or become a more real presence? What will Shay do now that he has actually seen some supernatural things happen and his own child was almost killed? Most of all when is Damien going to accept that he is in fact the beast and what will he do about it? He can’t be in denial forever and I think we are all ready to see what he will do about it.

The ratings for Damien have never been the best (which I don’t understand), but this past week was the worst yet with a .17. We really need to get these numbers up so the show can be renewed for a second season. I need this second season you guys. This show is so smartly written and so much can be done with it. Make sure to watch it when it airs, get your friends to watch it. DVR it and watch it within the next couple days. Just WATCH IT.

The next episode is on tonight at 10:00PM/ET on A&E, it will be the fifth episode and be the halfway point of the season. The preview looks scary and I’m hoping we are in for some really well done horror. Join me on twitter @quietlikeastorm for the east coast premiere of it and live tweet with me. I will also be live tweeting the west coast premiere using @TheNerdyGirlExp twitter. It’s the NGE’s Devils Night, so please follow and join us!



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