Wrath of the Villains: Azrael @Gotham Review via @luckynerdgirl

Once again this show has delivered an amazing episode! Where to begin? Warning: Spoilers ahead! This episode had so many goodies it’s difficult to know where to begin. So I suppose we will begin at the beginning! See what I did there? 😉 The title of this episode was called Azrael. Last time on Gotham, we started to really get into what Doctor Strange has been up to. His latest experiment brought back Theo Galavan from the dead but not as successfully as he had hoped. His mind was so fractured that he was trying desperately to put the pieces of memory back together. Strange figures out with a little help from Nygma that he needs to give him a story of his own. Knowing about Galavan’s Dumas family history, he decides to go with Azrael. A 12th century knight who died for the Dumas cause but was brought back to life.

Hugo’s main reason for giving Theo this persona is to get rid of James Gordon who has been poking around asking too many questions. With Azrael being the vanquisher of evil, he’s the perfect man for the job to take care of a “murderer” such as Gordon (or at least that’s what Strange tells him).

Edward Nygma sure seems like he’s figured out how to survive in Arkham. He is a pretty smart (although completely crazy) guy. He has figured out everyone’s story and has all of the inmates ready to practically do his bidding. Atta boy Nygma!

Speaking of Nygma, I have a riddle for you! What do a bobby pin, ammonia, and a bug zapper have in common? Well, to be honest I have no clue! But Edward sure did. Being that he had experience as a forensic scientist at the GCPD before he went cuckoo, he uses all of these items to discover where Doctor Strange and Ms. Peabody are taking some of the inmates. Of course he is successful and stumbles upon God only knows what creations Strange is keeping locked up downstairs!

At the GCPD Azrael shows up to “take care” of the job he started earlier. He isn’t successful and as Gordon shoots him off of the top of the police station roof, he springs up just in time to show his face to the camera crews waiting outside. Now the world knows that Theo Galavant is alive. Guess who else know? You guessed it! His sister Tabitha; that should make for an interesting set of events!

This episode gave me so many feels for the Batman comics and even though our young Master Bruce hasn’t developed into the caped crusader, and our beloved Jim Gordon isn’t yet the Commissioner, they are well on their way. And the fact that Gotham is falling to pieces will help them both on their path.

Did you catch this episode? If so, let me know what you thought about it in the comments below! You can also tweet me @luckynerdgirl! Watch Gotham on FOX Monday’s @ 8/7c!

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