#Damien ‘Seven Curses’ Took it to Another Level Last Week @DamienAETV via @quietlikeastorm

Damien is all new tonight and should definitely be watched if going by how amazing last week’s episode was. Read below to catch up on how Damien took it to the next level that most shows won’t even go near.

The heart of this show is not its horror or the drama. It’s the suffering. Not only do the people around Damien suffer, from supernatural events or otherwise, but also Damien himself. We have seen hints of it, but never before have I saw a show cut so deep to the bone on these issues. We saw PTSD, depression, suicide, suicide assistance and so much pain. If you only ever watch one episode of Damien, it should be this one.

Damien goes to a veteran’s hospital (where yes we get lots of scary horror hospital scenes that were all great) and asks to see a doctor there. He’s denied (after a strange run in where the nurse doesn’t remember him, hmmm), but soon runs into the woman whose son he saved in the subway. She insists on him meeting her husband and Damien is polite and goes. He finds that the two of them actually have a lot in common and Alex asks him to go around with him and take pictures because Damien really gets it.

We see those supernatural forces possibly at play again when Alex almost drowns (because this show loves drowning and murdering birds). Damien has to take a step away when he is also soaked helping to save Alex and when he comes back the hospital is different. He can’t find Alex and there are all sorts of creepy people that I don’t think were really there. Some are bleeding nonchalantly all over the floor, some are having very public sex and then there is the therapy room. It’s a room full of injured vets sitting in a circle. Seven of them. As this episode is called Seven Curses I was already drawn to this particular scene.


The people start acting differently and then they start speaking differently too. They tell Damien about how he is the beast and needs to accept his power and destiny. The scene is pretty intense and is soon too much for Damien who runs away from it all.

The next big thing is when Alex asks Damien to photograph his suicide. It’s a strange request not to mention morbid and Damien at first completely rejects it. He tries to talk Alex out of it by making him remember his wife and son and how he has so much more life to live.

Alex explains that this will be a blessing for them though; that his wife won’t be hobbled by more debt or having to take care of him as an invalid while he slowly deteriorates more and more. How without him they will no longer be held back. Eventually Damien agrees and is photographs his suicide and is with him in the end. The entire scene made me cry and Jose Pablo Cantillo who played Alex was beyond amazing in it. For a character who had only been introduced this episode, there was so much emotion and back story put in that it caught me off guard. I wanted Alex to live so much, but I could see why this was an okay thing to happen.

This show really makes a person think and think about those dark parts inside all of us and what we really might do in these kinds of situations. Even something so taboo as suicide and Damien assisting him is made out in light and dark paths.

Damien can’t quite take what’s happened so easily. As he told Alex, he’s seen too much death already. He ends up going back to his old family home. It’s completely abandoned, but everything is still there, even the old family picture of the Thorns. Damien promptly gets a bit drunk and ends up in the garage. Damien tries calling Amani, but he is on a date with Ann’s assistant and decides to not answer. Damien then duct tapes the doors shut and turns the car on as he sits in it. The fumes soon fill up the small space and Damien passes out.


But he cannot escape life so easily and the dark forces around Damien aren’t as willing to have empathy and let him go as he did Alex. The duct tape starts to peel off on its own and we see the remaining hellhounds sitting outside the car whining. The next scene they have cracked the garage door open enough for one of the dogs to drag Damien out and he coughs.

He lives to suffer another day.

I don’t think I have ever watched a show where the main character is in so much pain that he actually tries to off himself. And again, I could see why this normally taboo option would be a good thing. I spent most of the episode with my hand over my mouth and a weight in my heart. Again brilliant performances by Jose Pablo Cantillo and Bradley James.

Truly this episode was the best by far. We not only had so much happening with Damien, but also hints of the other characters. As stated before Amani went out on a date with Ann’s assistant who we found out was upset because her mom, Ann, doesn’t love her as much as her other son…Damien? (dun dun dun) It’s not completely confirmed yet, but Ann at least thinks of herself as his mother whether she means biologically or not I think we will find out hopefully in tonight’s episode.

We also had Simone coming to the conclusion that she thinks Damien was somehow responsible for her sisters death and wants to find proof of it. She goes the extra mile that Detective Shay would be proud of, and breaks into Damien’s apartment. This does backfire as Ann had sent a small goon squad to ‘rough him up a little’ for being so petulantly independent and good and not listening to her. Simone is able to hide from them, but she knows something more is going on now.

Tonights episode comes on A&E at 10:00PM/ET and I will be watching and live tweeting it @quietlikeastorm. The show is part of the Nerdy Girl Expresses #DevilsNight that also includes Lucifer and fellow nerdy girl @kleffnotes. Makes sure to join us and keep these two amazing shows on the air! Lucifer has just been confirmed for a second season so let’s see if we can’t get that confirmation for Damien too.

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