iZombie Nation Interview for All the Zombies of the Nation

I had the wonderful chance to interview the man behind iZombie Nation, S.J. Allan. He not only runs the Twitter account, @iZombieNation,and website www.izombienation.com, but also hosts a weekly movie rewatch night on Fridays. The site is currently under construction, but will be back up November 2nd. For this interview we at The Nerdy Girl Express wanted to know what it’s like to run his fan account and site. Click the jump to learn more about one of the cool people at the head of the iZombie fandom.

What motivated you to create a fan account for iZombie? 

It’s kind of hard to explain without coming off crazy, but it was sort of this right place at the right time “universe stuff”.  It was just inspired action. From the time iZombie was first announced in 2014. Something kept eating at me in back of my mind and no it wasn’t Liv or Gwen. But this voice kept telling me to jump on this project. To do something for iZombie. That something good and truly amazing would eventually come from it. It went back and forth until this past January I decided what the hell and I just gave it a shot. I started working on the site and eventually created the Twitter handle and the rest was history.

How exciting is it to have so many followers?

Are kidding me? I’m beyond ecstatic. It’s been crazy. I’m so thankful for all of my ZOMS. They keep me going when I feel like I’m not gaining any new ground. This is just the tip of the iceberg.  Our iZombie Nation will grow bigger & better. That’s a promise.

Your fans love how connected you are with them, how do you manage to connect so well with so many people?

And I love all of you ZOMS as well. As far as connecting. I’m big on family and supporting one another. So when I created the account I wanted something that spoke that in volumes. So naturally being one nation under iZombie was the goal, but to answer your question. I simply do my best to engage and support all of my followers no matter what. I play it by ear. It’s not perfect, but then again neither am I.

How do you balance your real life with being so involved in the fandom? 

By assimilating myself into the internets. I AM SKYNET! No, that’s not true. Well… mostly not true. (Laughs) But mostly I just live like Liv. Dedicated to what I must do to stay this version of myself. I tweet and report where I can.  Plus not having a real job anymore also helps. Maybe I should start holding a “Will fandom for food” sign. I’m so hungry.

What do you enjoy most about interacting with the fans?

The spontaneity. iZombie is an unconventional show. So I use unconventional methods when interacting with everyone. I don’t play by the same rules most fandom pages do by strictly sticking to just the fandom in your title and I believe it’s paid off.

Have you reached out to the show itself? Has there been any feedback from the cast or crew of iZombie? 

I haven’t reached out to Rob Thomas yet. But I have gotten a lot of positive feedback from cast members, crew members and former guest stars. Honestly, I would love to pitch an idea or two for a few brains Liv could eat in the future. That would be a dream come true to become a writer for the show. Even if it were only for one episode.

Where did you get the idea for a weekly Friday night movie rewatch?

There was a trending topic one day on Twitter that the movie “The Craft” was being remade. Hollywood just loves it’s remakes doesn’t it? Anyway, I loved that movie growing up. The entire cast in that movie was amazing, especially Nancy. Hashtag Love Me Some Nancy. So it all started as a suggestion. Where I decided with some of the fandom to do a rewatch for it. We all had so much fun that night. I decided to make it a thing. So every Friday night we have a rewatch party with a different movie. Anyone is welcome to join us. Anywhere in the world. Let’s have a pow wow and watch some cinema.

Are you considering ever doing your own merchandise?

Once I get everything up and running freely. I would love to design some t-shirts or something for IZN. I do have a couple of ideas for shirts/sweaters I’d like to wear personally, but it’s really about do the fans want merch from me?

Are you into any other zombie franchises? If so, which ones? 

I think the go to answer of choice for everyone right now is “The Walking Dead”, but honestly, I only recently got into the show. Still getting caught up.  But I love “Night of The Living Dead”. 28 Days Later. Zombieland.  Tales from the Crypt. Yeah I know that last one isn’t a zombie show, but it does feature a ghoulish host. Close enough in my book.

Have you always been into zombies?

Not really. I can watch any zombie flick and enjoy it, but I’m not obsessed with them. I do love a good horror or thriller story though.

Why did you decide to start watching iZombie?

Because I’m a big supporter of female led shows. We need more kickass female led shows on television and not just female shows for the sake of being female led shows. Don’t pander to the audience. Give us something amazing to watch and we’ll watch it.

Favorite iZombie character?

Oh this question is just evil. Evil I say! It’s a real Sophie’s Choice. I can’t pick just one. I love them all equally and for different reasons.

Favorite episode so far?

I love them all. Each episode just keeps getting better and better, but the recent, “Zombie Bro” episode had to have been the funniest episode so far. Some folks online didn’t like this episode in particular, but its fine… Mr. Boss sends his regards.

Favorite thing about iZombie?

I think the great thing about iZombie is you don’t have to be zombie crazy to enjoy the show and it has brought more people who normally aren’t into zombies into the fold. I believe that’s an amazing feat and a true testament to all the professionals involved in crafting this amazing show.

What are some of your hobbies or favorite things to do outside of iZombie?

Outside of the fandom? Besides traveling when I can. I love to write short stories. I have a bunch of stories I’ve written over the years that I’m fine-tuning now to try and release maybe next year professionally in some capacity. So fingers crossed for that. I’m also a huge music lover. Right now I’m teaching myself music theory and how to play the piano & guitar. It’s an uphill battle with everything else I have to do with iZombie Nation, but I’ll get there in time. Rome wasn’t built in a day and neither was the iZombie Nation.

A quick note from the interviewer, I did send out these interview questions a couple weeks ago and didn’t have a chance to email for an update about favorite episode so you might want to ask him if he has a new favorite now that we are four episodes in. I would totally wear iZombie Nation merch, I mean if I could wear iZombie related clothes for every event I totally would. I would like to thank S.J Allan again for being willing to let us interview him, we at The Nerdy Girl Express really appreciate it. Again you can find him on Twitter, @iZombieNation, and at www.izombienation.com.

You can also find The Nerdy Girl Express on Twitter, @thenerdygirlexp, and me, @kleffnotes. You can also find me on Periscope, @kleffnotes, YouTube, kleffnotes, or on my blog, kleffnotes.wordpress.com. We’d love to hear from you.


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