It’s Devil’s Night and the Killers are After You

Yesterday was the Halloween episode of AHS: Hotel, which I have been super excited for all. I love all of the Halloween episodes from previous seasons and with this season being so intense I was anxiously awaiting the big reveal. It’s Devil’s Night recap time everybody!

The episode starts with serial killer Richard Ramirez checking into the Hotel Cortez, even though he died in 2013. He and Liz Taylor chat and then Ramirez is shown attempting to kill a woman. She runs out of her room into the hallway of the Hotel and is stopped by Mr. March. He is apparently hosting Ramirez and the woman is his gift. We also learn that the detective’s daughter is visiting her grandma. She got to go to Disneyland!

Miss Evers’ gets a tiny backstory and we learn that she lost her son on Halloween in 1925. She didn’t make him a costume and instead made him a ghost. She put a sheet over him, she is obsessed with sheets so I mean I don’t know what the kid expected. Miss Evers goes on to say that her son was taken out of the city to a killer’s ranch and that her son’s body was destroyed. All she got to see of him after he was taken was his bloody sheet costume. Oh and her name is Hazel. Mr. March has an autumnal dinner planned and there are going to be a number of guests, all with a desire to murder.

Alex, the detective’s wife, has taken Holden home and learns that her little boy is not like he used to be. The kid ate a dog! Not cool Holden! Then it’s back to the Hotel for a coffin nap and and she and The Countess are going to have a chat. The detective learns that Hazel Evers is not all she appears to be when he attempts to investigate her son’s disappearance.

The Countess insists that she takes children, including Holden, because she thinks they are being neglected. Alex insists that this is crap and when The Countess describes what’s wrong with Holden, he has a rare blood disease that makes him immortal which sounds way less cool than baby vamp. She offers to make Alex like Holden. Tristan shows up and keeps her from shooting The Countess and he asks if they are sleeping together. The detective comes home to the Hotel and swaps out his shirley Temple for a double martini.

While he’s at the bar another serial killer arrives, Aileen Wuornos, who is played by Lily Rabe, and the detective recognizes her. The two of them start chatting about her victims and what she felt when she killed them. He totally thought she was a woman in a costume being creepy, until sex almost happened and he handcuffed her to a sink when she tried to kill him. Liz Taylor finally reveals Mr. March and his plans for Devil’s Night to the detective and we learn he was invited to attend. I love Liz Taylor a lot by the way, Denis O’Hare is my favorite this season.

The detective goes to the dinner and we get to meet all of March’s murderous guests. Besides Wuornos and Ramirez there’s John Wayne Gacy, The Zodiac Killer, and Jeffrey Dahmer. The Zodiac appearance was a little lame I thought. He has a big black box over his head, I mean he could look like anyone, why couldn’t he just have his hood up or something? March it turns out trained these people how to be murderers. He then describes how fabulous his Hotel is and that all the guests have stayed there before. Then dinner is served and part of it includes people. Not that I’m surprised mind you.

Mr. March calls for dessert, though the detective is starting to lose his mind a little bit, and Sally brings in a very high business man. Apparently dessert is fondue style because there is a lot of poking and not a lot of eating. Then we see the detective in a dark room being told by Sally that he was hallucinating because of the alcohol. Sally says that she’s his protector and that she’ll take care of him. Alex gives herself to The Countess so that she won’t lose Holden again and she turns her while giving a monologue about being turned. The episode ends with Alex gasping after drinking from The Countess.

Okay, so I was really really excited for this episode and that might have been a bad thing. I thought the episode was fine, but so few of the regular characters were in it. We didn’t get to see Iris or Donovan, Tristan was barely there, and Angela Basset was gone again. The serial killer dinner was clever and it was interesting to watch, but that Zodiac Killer thing was kind of cheesy. I think next week we’ll be back to more vampire plots things, especially with Alex turning so I’ll tune back in, but for the first time the Halloween episode isn’t my favorite episode in an AHS season.

Let us know what you thought of the episode and this season so far in the comments or on Twitter, @thenerdygirlexp, or me personally, @kleffnotes. You can also find me at, YouTube, I’m just kleffnotes there, and Periscope, @kleffnotes.


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