Cheerleader Saved, Heroes Season 2

The cheerleader has been saved…..Now what?


Season two starts off four months after season one ended. Mohinder and Noah are plotting to take The Company down, so he gets hired by Bob Bishop head of The Company to do just that. Noah has moved his family to California, in hopes to keep Claire off the radar. Matt Parkman has divorced his wife because she was pregnant from an affair she had. Mohinder  Matt have taken in Molly and are raising her, along with trying to keep her safe. Hiro is in 1671 Japan and meets his hero Kensei, who he finds out is not Japanese but an Englishman, played by our own villain zombie from iZombie, David Anders. Let me tell you guys, he is such a baby face in this show. Twins Maya and Alejandro, are introduced, and they are fleeing a murder charge from their country trying to make it to the United States in hopes of finding  Mohinder’ s father, believing he can help Maya. However, they don’t know that Sylar killed him some time ago. Hiro’s father is murdered by an unknown assailant in front of Ando. Nathan has become quite the alcoholic, after the events of last season’s finale. He doesn’t know how he survived and he is mourning Peter’s death. You could feel Nathan’s pain, he helped save the world but lost his brother at the same time. Not only that but he was suppose to die with Peter, but somehow there he is and he’s not sure what he’s suppose to do now. Little does he know Peter isn’t dead. He woke up in a shipping container in Ireland…..but he has amnesia. He is let out by some people and throughout a tad bit of time, he starts realizing he has powers. Seems the people that found him are thieves and he agrees to use his powers to help them in their thefts, he likes the leader’s sister Caitlin. He gains Ricky, the leader’s trust and becomes romantically involved with the lass.

While investigating Hiro’s father death, they find a picture of him that has a symbol on it. The picture has obviously been ripped from a bigger picture. Matt interviews Angela about his death. He tries to read her mine but she eventually kicks him out. When Matt steps out of the interrogation room, Angela is attacked but an unseen force. Being scared of the force, she confesses to the murder. Which no one believes she commited, as they find a picture of her with the same symbol, as they did with Hiro’s father. The Haitian and Noah reunite.

We see Maya’s power being used, and its wicked. When she is stressed her eyes turn black and everyone starts dropping dead around her, Alejandro grabs her hands and absorbs this bad power and revives those who were affected by her. Honestly, that power would scare the crap out of me. I don’t want to kill people just because I’m upset, and that’s how Maya feels about her power too. That is the reason they are looking for Dr. Suresh, hopefully he can take her power away, so she can never hurt anyone again.

Back in Japan, Hiro finds that his hero is not all he’s cracked up to be. Kensei, is a drunk, who was suppose to take care of the village he was in, but let the swordmaker get kidnapped. The swordmaker had given Kensei a beautiful sword and it just so happens to be the one Hiro searched for in season one, the sword he believed to be the source of his powers. Hiro makes it his mission to turn drunk Kensei into the hero his father read stories about. During this, Kensei is shot with arrows, and this is where we learn Kensei is a healer, like Claire. Hiro makes it his mission to make Kensei the great warrior in the stories his father use to tell him about.

Now with the first season review, I purposely left out characters, it attempts to get you to watch the show. A couple of the characters ,Niki and her son Micah have adventures of their own. Niki, had a twin sister that was killed, years ago. She found out in season one she has super strength, but she also has a split personality, which is her dead twin. Micah is her son and he can talk to machines. What do I mean, he can talk to machines? Well, he can touch them and tell them what to do. He wants money, he touches the atm and tells it to give him money and it does, kind of thing. His father DL was in the first season, he could walk through walls, he was ultimately killed. As they say goodbye to his grave, Niki takes Micah to his great aunt’s house to leave him in her care while she goes to take care of herself. She makes him promise to keep his abilities a secret. Niki goes to The Company to rid herself of her powers and her split personality. The other personality puts Niki through some hell during season one, hell with a body count.

Say it ain’t so! Sylar has survived! After eight surgeries, he has awoken, in Maui with a shapeshifting chick Candice. She was in the first season, she messed with a couple people. She actually thinks Sylar won’t hurt her because she saved his life, but he likes her power and he wants it. Of course he kills her and takes it, I mean it is Sylar. He does his playing with the brain, seeing how the ability works thing, but he can’t use it, in fact he can’t use any of his abilities. All those surgeries took a hard toll on his body and mind. He decides to go after Claire to gain her ability of healing. Realizing he’s not really in Maui but some shack in the middle of no where, he sets out walking. Soon he stumbles across Maya and Alejandro. He tells them how he knew Dr. Suresh and that he has died, but how Mohinder has taken over for  his father. Sylar tells them his real name Gabriel and tells them he can introduce them to Suresh, if he can ride along with them to New York. They both agree and Maya is so happy to meet Gabriel and have him take them to Suresh. Off the bat Alejandro doesn’t trust or like Sylar, and with good reasons that he doesn’t know yet.

Micah learns his cousin Monica has an ability too, muscle mimicking. Whatever she watches she can do too. She watched kung fu and she knew it. She watched a cooking show and she knew how to make tomatoes into roses. The list goes on and on.

Matt calls Nathan and gets his help in finding the person responsible for killing Hiro’s father, and leaving calling cards (their pictures with the symbols). They realize the intended victims are the founding members of The Company. Matt finds out that his very own father Maury,  who abandoned him when he was eight, is a founding member. He tries everything he can to try and find his father before he is also murdered. He goes to Molly and asks her to find his father with her ability. She hesitates, she says he’s the man that haunts her dreams, the man who watches her. Matt explains how important it is to find his father, Mohinder doesn’t agree with Matt and doesn’t want Molly to look.for the thing that is her nightmare. Reluctantly, she does and she finds him, gives Matt the location, and falls into a coma. Matt and Nathan visit Maury. They talk for a few minutes, Maury calls Matt into the other room. Maury’ s ability is like Matt’s but much more. He can find your fear and lock you in a nightmare, which is what he did to Molly when she looked for him. Maury locks Matt and Peter in their own nightmares and flees. Mohinder, not trusting Matt will save  the day, takes Molly to The Company, after Noah told him not to, that they will just use the little girl. Mohinder wants to save her life and that’s the only way he sees fit. Matt realizes he’s trapped in his own mind and pulls himself out just to be fighting with Nathan who is stuck in his own head, Matt pulls him out too, he now realizes he too can control others minds.  Now personally come on Mohinder, could you just give Matt a chance??

Ricky gave Peter a box he found on him when he found Peter in the shipping container. At first he wants to open it, but he has fallen for Cailtin and no longer cares about what’s in the box. A woman named Elle comes to Ireland searching for Peter. She questions Ricky about Peter, and Ricky not wanting to give up his new partner, tells her he doesn’t know him. She acts like she believes him and starts to walk out then turns around and tells him she has already spoken to everyone on the docks and she knows he’s lying. She kills him with a bolt of electricity. Yep, she’s an evo too. After that Peter looks in the box and finds a ticket for Montreal and him and Caitlin set off to try and figure out just who he is. Peter accidentally teleported himself and Caitlin a year into the future and sees that 93% of the population has dies due to the Shanti Virus. You find out that the virus came from Mohinder’ s sister who died a couple months before he was born. His father was looking for the cure and they had Mohinder to try to use his blood as a cure for her, like in some cancers, but she died before they could test it. Mohinder finds out that his blood is the cure. Peter and Caitlin get separated by military and he accidentally teleported back to the present and runs into Kensei, yep Kensei from Japan, who introduces himself as Adam Monroe.

After all this, they have a flashback episode that answers a few questions of what happened between season one and season two. It shows Peter and Nathan from the season finale flying Peter up up and boom. Once they got so high Peter asked Nathan to let him go, not wanting to he does and Peter explodes but having Claire’s powers heals, however when the explosion happened Nathan got knocked out. As he is falling very very fast, you can see Peter fly in and catch his badly burned knocked out brother. Peter is taken prisoner by The Company and meets Elle. Guess what, she’s Bob Bishop’ s daughter, you know head of The Company. Adam Monroe is also a prisoner and after talking through the wall for weeks, Adam and Peter escape, then Peter has his mind erased by the Haitian. It shows how DL actually was killed, Niki’s new personality emerges and DL is on the losing end. Now we understand why she ran to The Company to rid herself of these powers. The flashback episode also shows the how Maya and Alejandro came into the picture. It is Alejandro’s wedding and everyone is happy and dancing. Maya goes to one of the rooms and catches her new sister-in-law having sex with another man. She yells and screams, her eyes turn black and go the the bride and her lover drop dead. Maya runs out of the room screaming for Alejandro. There are dead bodies everywhere. Everyone is dead. Alejandro comes running from around the building and she tells him what happened and they took off to America.

Back to present, Peter remembers who he is. Adam and him talk and discuss plans on finding  this Shanti Virus and destroying it once and for all. They learn the virus is being held where The Company’s.old headquarters were, Texas. The Bennets are getting ready to.disappear again before The Company targets Claire. Noah tries to convince Mohinder of what’s going on but instead Mohinder shoots him through the eye. Don’t worry, he’s not dead, he is revived by Claire’s blood, they stole from her.

Hiro betrays Kensei and falls in love with Kensei intended. After he kisses the woman, Kensei turns the whole village over to the enemy. Hiro escapes and frees everyone but sets a trap for Kensei. He blows the village up and comes back to present day. Ando.has to give Hiro the very sad news about Hiro’s father’s death. Hiro knows he cannot change the past without completely messing up the world, he goes back in time and finds out who murdered his father. It was Kensei, now known as Adam Monroe. He travels through time to find out about Adam and his father and learns that Adam wanted to released the Shanti Virus years and years ago and they locked the virus away to keep it from him and also is himself locked away for 30 years until him and Peter escape.

Sylar and Alejandro have words and Sylar kills him. Maya and Alejandro have already had arguments over Sylar and he told Maya he was leaving. Maya has no idea what Sylar really is. She knows he has killed but she calls it up to accidents like how she killed people when she gets upset. She finally learns how to control her power with the help of Sylar. They arrived in New York and end up in Mohinder’s apartment. Sylar takes Maya, Molly, and Mohinder captive. Mohinder tells Sylar he can help him with his powers but they must go to the lab to do so. Once they get there Elle is watching the cameras and heads down there to make daddy proud and catch Sylar. Molly reveals that Alejandro is dead. Sylar gets Claire’s stole blood and heals himself. Elle rescues the threes but Sylar gets away.

Micah’ s cousin Monica is kidnapped by a street gang and Micah and Niki set out to find her. (The cure didn’t work for her, she now has the virus and is trying to spend time with her son). Micah uses his powers to find Monica and they find her in an abandoned building. Niki makes Micah wait in the car while she goes in to get his cousin. The place is rigged to blow. Niki gets Monica out but gets trapped inside herself. The building blows up with Niki still inside. Hits you right in the feels, like a punch to the stomach.

Everyone gets to the Texas paper plant where the virus is being held. Peter finally realizes that Adam is trying to release the virus not destroy it. Nathan and Peter destroy the virus, well really Peter’s powers did. Hiro buries Adam alive by teleporting him into an already buried coffin. Nathan decides to hold a press conference and reveal that he is a person with abilities and there are more out there. As he begins to talk in front of the cameras with Peter at his side and unknown assailant shoots him multiple times. And yep that’s how they leave us. Big cliffhanger. I thought it was a good season. I really enjoy this show and the characters. I guess the big question for you is, if you discovered you had abilities, what would you do?

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