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Time’s Up, Afton is the final book in the Afton Morrison series by Brent Jones. With all of the charges dropped against her, but the vile Ray still out in the world Afton has made the decision to fully embrace her dark urges and go after the people who need stopped. In the wake of Clara’s fires a group of meth dealers has appeared and their drugs are killing young people in Wakefield. With that, as well as finally dealing with Ray, as her mission Afton goes into this book with a plan that could mean the end of her life as she knows it.

Ray is a fugitive from the law and Afton has her own plans for his ultimate justice. As she tries her best to make things right with her friends and family following the murderous events that have happened around her, she is also plotting. With the strong influence of Animus urging her to kill far more actively than she ever has before, Afton is ready. She will go after the people who are destroying the town of Wakefield and while she does that she will also deal with her demons.

Brent Jones has done a great job of tying up the series with this book, while there is a tiny bit of a cliffhanger that could allow for more books in the future, the storyline does feel sufficiently tied together. Afton has finally embraced the part of herself that had been taunting her for so long, but she does it in a very specific way. There is a great deal of death in this particular installment, though with Animus rising in the third book it makes complete sense. This is Afton’s moment of reckoning. Beyond tying the series up well in this book, Jones also provides a detailed afterword that adds a great deal to the overall story. You can find Time’s Up Afton on sale today!

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One thought on “Time’s Up, Afton Book Review ( @AuthorBrentJ ) from @kleffnotes

  1. Thanks for following Afton and I on this journey, Katherine. I’m so glad you enjoyed the ending. And yes, there certainly could be more books in this series down the road. Who knows? Thanks for reading and reviewing. —Brent


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