Matt Cohen in Criminal Minds: Beyond Borders S2 via @stacyamiller85 @mattcohen4real #CMBB @CriminalMindsBB

Supernatural and General Hospital’s Matt Cohen appears on Criminal Minds:Beyond Borders when it returns for Season 2 on March 8.

In the episode titled “Lost Souls” Cohen will play Ryan, Jack Garrett’s (Gary Sinse) son who will join his father at the FBI.  Ryan will have to prove himself as a capable agent as Jack is a tough act to follow.  How will this working relationship effect the father/son one?  This will be an interesting development to see as this season plays out.

Matt Cohen is known to prime time television audiences for his role on The CW’s Supernatural, where he played a younger version of patriarch John Winchester. Currently, he plays the role of Dr. Griffin Munro on ABC’s long running daytime drama General Hospital.  It was revealed that Griffin is the long-lost son of Duke Lavery.  Cohen is one busy actor who will be keeping fans tuned into his work.

Criminal Minds:Beyond Borders Season 2 Premiere “Lost Souls” airs Wednesday, March8 at 10/9c on CBS.

Photo Credit: CBS

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