Interview With Actress, Artist and Author @JennaRoseSimon via @tdmiller820917

Jenna Rose Simon is a talented actress and artist. Her art, in particular, has commanded much deserved accolades and recognition for its beauty and for bringing awareness to the issue of emotional and verbal abuse. For the silent survivors of various forms of abuse, Simon has become a compassionate voice of empowerment throughout social media.
Simon recently released a new book “Unbroken: An Art Book: My Journey So Far, Plus 20 Feel Good Drawing Activities.”

Congrats on your new book. Can you tell us how you conceived of this book?

My parents took some of my art to a show they went to in California, and someone mentioned to them that I should write a book. At the time, I had no idea if I wanted to write one or not, and what it would even be about. It took me some time of brainstorming to come up with something that really worked, and it went through many changes with the help of my therapist. It’s finally something I felt I could release into the world and find valuable, both to myself and to readers.

How long did it take you from the initial conception to publishing this book?

About a year and a half. I did the outline and shopped it around a bit for a year, but the outline and concept took many months. Once I was ready to write it, the rest happened quickly. The activities went through many revisions during that process!

You have developed a reputation on social media for sharing your exquisite art, art that speaks to empowerment; despite the struggles faced by people suffering from emotional or verbal abuse, they won’t be silenced. In what ways, do you feel, that your new book will continue the message of empowerment?

The drawing activities I’ve created are feel-good in Nature. Many of them go with the concepts I discuss in the given chapter, or relate to the drawing in the chapter. I kind of feel like this is a way to take healing to another level. It’s one thing for people to enjoy my art or relate to it, but in the end, I’m the one who did the drawing. I’m the one who got the most healing from that. With this book, people have a chance to actually create art (and write about their experiences). Hopefully they’ll be able to benefit from it in the same way I have when doing my drawings.

Where may people buy your book?

It is currently available on Amazon in the USA, Canada, U.K. And Germany. It will be available on the Barnes and Noble website in another week!

Are there any other projects that you’re working on that you’re able to share with us?

Right now, my focus has been solely on this book. Now that it’s ready and out, I’ll be working on myself again. That includes creating art for personal reasons in response to growth I hope to continue gaining in therapy.

To purchase Jenna Rose Simon’s book:


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